In Samvat year 1992, at five o’clock in the morning in Karachi, there was such luminous darsan that at Lalubhai’s house Bapasri, etc. infinite muktas were moving in the porch. He prostrated and told his son Harilal to inform all devotees that at their house Bapasri etc. Muktas were giving darsan in the new form and whosoever wanted to have darsan should come. Then all came, prostrated and looked at the new form. Lalubhai sat before Bapasri with folded legs. Bapasri garlanded him with divine garland and from that garland much fragrance began to come. Bapasri asked Lalubhai to give him water. Lalubhai told his wife to bring water. Bapasri asked him to give pot (loto) lying in front in which there was water. Bapasri drank water and asked him to get a chair so that he could sit. Then again Bapasri said that he felt sleepy so spread something to sleep. Saying so, Bapasri went to sleep on the floor without spreading anything. Lalubhai requested Bapasri to give darsan in the same way and in the meanwhile he was going to bring something to sleep on and he went to bring. In the mean while Bapasri disappeared. Once, the daughter of Lalubhai fell off the stair by mistake. Bapasri extended his hand from the photo and caught her. She told Lalubhai that Mūrti caught her by extending its (Bapasri’s Mūrti) hand. || 121 ||