During night at the seat of Bapasri on the upper storey of the temple, the event of fulfilment of our goal was being discussed. At that time Bapasri said, “It can not be said that fulfilment is accomplished when we consider false as false. Just as the water itself takes us deep in it; similarly, fragrance of Lord Purusottam Narayana draws us. Even if we have confidence in means but it should be kept keeping God and muktas with us. It is difficult to recognise Anadis. Just as a goldsmith recognises pure gold, similarly this is the assembly of Aksardham and it should not be spoiled. I showed Murti of Maharaj in throne at Rampura to Kalyanasangji of village Mathak and asked him, what would he call this Murti? He replied that it is Murti of Maharaj Himself- what else can he say about it? We want only two things, the assembly of Maharaj and Murti. See the deeds of previous saints. The great saints like Loknathanand Swami and Badrinathanand Swami used to come here. On the way, there was a farm where I himself have fed them mangoes. I do not want any greatness. I want only Swaminarayana. The one who has the nature of fault finding will even find fault in Sriji Maharaj. We want to liberate even a wretched jiva. We have real thing- why should we lose it? If one has committed any guilt of great muktas, everything of his good deeds will be burnt. Therefore, one should be very careful. Maharaj says that drive away three attributes viz. satvaguna, rajoguna, tamoguna. Until these attributes are there they will not allow happiness in satsang. Rajoguna is the worst of all. Weak persons are not required in satsang. They cannot be useful in worshipping God. The seed should be thoroughly natural. If it is natural, it will grow. When one complaints that he is not following this norm, not following this religion (duty), his goal of achieving salvation will not be successful. Therefore, one should become desireless and be one with God and His devotees. Anadis never see anybody’s shortcomings, because they think that the poor jiva will become unhappy. Maharaj will be much happy if one liberates jiva, which may be mean. If you remember Sriji Maharaj, you will become Sadguru and if you leave Him, nobody will care for you. We have got the supporter of all, doer of all, controller of all, and divine of all divine Lord. Therefore, one who wants to become constant companion, he should wake up from affectionate sleep and keep the feeling of servant. When one becomes pure means worthy of God, God will stay with Him. Just as lioness’ milk can be kept only in gold vessel. Let the one, whose determination is unripe, care his own things. Maharaj and His Anadis are here- they are visible here. Jets of luminescence emit. We have to stick to Maharaj and His muktas. I have not seen any other abodes or any other world. What reply can I give when one says something to me? What else is to see when there is happiness of God and His Murti? I have such principle that I do not have any other topic than that of Murti and muktas. I very often talk about only Murti but the one who does not understand this will think that I am narrating the same thing and not talking anything other than it. Just as the bullock of an oil mill moves round and round, for it there is the same house and the same oil mill, the path does not end. The one who speaks like thus that, why other means Maharaj have done, does not know that there is no other such means than that of meditating Lord’s Murti. The bullock of oil miller may be going round and round and its path may not be coming to end but in the evening its vessel of oil is full. Whereas the other may go on walking as per his understanding and may have covered distance as per his understanding but leaving aside the question of filling the vessel of oil, he would even not find stickiness of oil. Therefore, everything is achieved by talking about Murti because Murti is chintamani, kalpataru and very dear thing. It is recognised by great muktas. This is not possible for an ordinary human being. Therefore, we should keep only Murti, Murti and Murti. We should embrace Purusottam Narayana’s Murti that is above ksar and aksar. One should absorb fragrance of experiential knowledge emitting from Murti. When Mulaji and Krsnaji of Mankuva were driven away they sat on the bank of the river Ghelo. Though parsads threw stones at them, they would not go. Maharaj while sitting in Aksar Oradi or while getting up would say those two averse of Kutch do not allow me to sit. Thus, they cannot go away from the fragrance of Murti. Though Maharaj called them averse, they would not forget him.

Then Bapasri said, “The eagle flew up to the path which was false and on the path which was true, Maharaj said that He Himself flew- this means that path is true where there is only Maharaj. Anadi muktas are the enjoyer of that Murti. It is our caste and they are only our relatives. We should keep in mind that we should never associate with any wicked person. Be the customer of that assembly. Remember them sincerely so that we can directly go to Aksardham. Mercy of muktas is limitless. Just as one has six sons and out of them, one is lazy but the sankalpa of beating him does not occur. Similarly, Maharaj and great muktas, make good sankalpa for even the wretched jiva. The real jeweller can recognise such diamond. How can the other know about the happiness of Aksardham and domain of muktas? The covering of infinite jivas is removed by the time they make a sankalpa; and sitting here, they can get you darsan of Mahaprabhuji along with innumerable muktas in Aksardham. On this topic, Bapasri said that at present there is a raised platform under a tamarind tree on the south of Kankariya Lake. There, under that tree Maharaj sitting on a cot, holding a branch of tamarind asked to call four Sadgurus. They were called and made to sit on the four corners of a cot and they accepted puja of all devotees. At that time, Maharaj told the sadgurus to go ahead and to remove the covering of maya so that these devotees can see by themselves the happiness of Aksardham, the fruit of our puja. When coverings were removed, some devotees got divine sight and they got darsan in Aksardham of the puja as it was done here. Thus, the power of the great muktas is unlimited. Maharaj and such great Anadis always have unity but sometimes they act like an ordinary human being, even then we should not get confused and make our understanding firm that such great Anadi are non-doer though they seem to be doers. They have the happiness of Murti, nothing else. If there is no such understanding, you may be confused. On this topic Bapasri said that in Surat Jivram came to know sitting at his house about Maharaj’s disappearance from this world. Jivram became very much perturbed and became sad. He cried so much that he fainted. Then he went to Gadhpur. There Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Sri Gopalanand Swami seeing his madness and gloom asked, “Why have you become mad?” He felt that word as if coming from the mouth of Sriji Maharaj. So he became very much pleased and became normal, and understood that Sriji Maharaj has not left for His heavenly abode; He is always here, here and here. Thus, Maharaj and Anadi muktas have unity. The word uttered by great Anadi is uttered as the word of God and uttered according to their wish. Just as you hear sound of echo in big temple it seems as if it has been uttered by someone. Therefore, when you meet such muktas, have their darsan, touch them and listen to their talk of knowledge, remain mentally pleased. But never think that why they are not showing any miracles. Whatever muktas do, they do it with a purpose. As and when the jiva becomes worthy, talk of miracles is given by and by. Without becoming worthy, one cannot digest it; on the contrary whatever he has will be lost. Therefore, getting attached with them by and by, the shortcoming will be done away with after many days by the mercy of muktas. We should do only the means of pleasing them. Do not wish to see anything or do not ask for anything. Even asking for the happiness of Murti is also sakam (bearing fruit). God has heaps and heaps of happiness so if we ask for anything it will be foolishness. Who can find the depth of limitless happiness of Murti! If we make a request with folded hands, we will be made happy. If we ask for anything, the assembly will be mockery of us, because it thinks if it is not known by Maharaj. This is a talk of principle. Therefore, ask for their gratification and should do such activity so that they are gratified. About the greatness of saint Maharaj Himself says, “I put on my head the dust of their legs.”

In Gadhada Maharaj fed saints and thereafter washed their dishes and drank the water of the dishes, thus showed their glory. ‘Kidi kunjarno melap jivan janun chhun, kyan ame ane kyan ap jivan janun chhun’ (how can an ant meet an elephant and how can saints meet Maharaj). Such is the talk. Only Anadi muktas know the real greatness of Maharaj. The one who knows such great muktas and sticks to them, I save him from maya and put him in the happiness of Murti. My view is always the same. Then Bapasri told Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Mahadevbhai, Haribhai, Mohanbhai, Amichandbhai, Somchandbhai, Gordhanbhai, Govindbhai, etc. devotees that they have very much pleased Dhanjibhai. Maharaj is also very much pleased by seeing your love. Then Lalubhai said, “Bapa! You have by showing your favour, come to give happiness that you are giving. You are giving us various kinds of happiness of Murti, Your mercy is limitless. Thousands of people’s minds are attracted by seeing you, this all is due to Sriji Maharaj.” Then Bapasri said, “Lalubhai! Today Maharaj keeps infinite jivas in Murti and have accomplished the surrendered ones. But egoistic persons cannot understand this. If one gets attached to such divine assembly, you can achieve your goal soon.” || 50 ||