In the morning of Fagana Vad 5th after performing puja on the upper storey of temple, Bapasri distributed Prasad of grapes offered to Ṭhakorji, to saints and devotees. While giving Prasad to Lalubhai Bapasri jokingly asked in Sindhi language, “How is this prasadi?” Lalubhai said, “Bapa! This prasadi is of Aksardham.” At that time Bapasri looking at saints said, “Just look! How much faith he has! Even if he gets small quantity of Prasad, he will distribute it to all at home and would say this prasadi is of not this place- it is of Aksardham. Because of such divine feeling after it is eaten by Maharaj and infinite muktas, that thing became divine. Many may be there in satsang but unless they have understood the greatness of Maharaj and great muktas, they would not know such thing. Just as these grapes are full of juice, similarly there is only juice in such divine feeling. For the one who has realised Maharaj everything becomes divine. There is nothing like coming and going. ‘Rasrup Murti re Sri Hari keval karunakand’ (Murti is full of bliss and Sri Hari is only other name of mercy). After quoting this couplet, Bapasri said it is time for katha so let’s all go to the assembly. Saying so, Bapasri came in the assembly after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. Then looking at Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Bapasri said, “Swami! During this visit, you both Sadgurus have given much joy to the devotees of this place. Wherever you sit, one cannot get passage to come to you, whether it is day or night or you are on your seat or in the assembly, or when you go for having bath, you are always surrounded by devotees.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! This is all because of you. You are drawing all like magnet. All have become happy by your darsan. Devotees think that Bapasri has come, showing his mercy so, take as much benefit of his darsan, seva as possible. During this visit you have shown much pleasure so fresh talks of happiness of Murti, commands, upasana, determination, etc. take place. All are eager and fear that this time they may be left out, so devotees do not leave till late in the night. In the morning, also they come at 4-00 o’clock in the temple after performing puja. Thus, you are drawing all. Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Haribhai, Mohanbhai, Somchandbhai and young and old are all eager for your pleasure. They come early and apply sandalwood paste to all. They perform puja of saints with garlands and sandalwood paste and prostrate before them. They remain present in parayana as well. They ask for giving rasoi (meals) in turn and pray for your visit to their houses. Thus they show pure divine feeling. You have this time also shown your mercy by throwing open almsgiving centre in the form of making devotees enjoyer of Murti this time.” Bapasri said, “Swami! It is the sankalpa of Maharaj that whosoever comes in our sight should not be left out. His Anadis also have the only same work. Let jiva think anything it likes.” In the meanwhile, katha started. During katha, there was reference about greatness. Bapasri said, “This assembly is divine and miraculous. The sight of all is at Maharaj and Mahaprabhuji’s sight is in front of assembly. Once this is realised there will be eagerness for darsan, seva and meals. On that point, Ramjibhai was praised for his understanding of greatness. He fed saints and prostrated before them for long time. Such is his love. Bravo! Ramjibhai! He would put charanaraj (dust of feet) on his head repeatedly and prayingly would say to trees that they are very lucky because they daily have darsan of this assembly whereas he himself considers to be unlucky because he cannot always stay there. Thus, he would say. Such are talks of greatness. While talking thus the time was over and katha came to end with the Jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami Maharaj. || 46 ||