On the day of Aso Vad 11th the Vachanamrt was being read in the morning in Sri Vrnpurtemple.

Purani Kesavpriyadasji asked, “Are Anadi muktas, who are engrossed in Murti, formless or having a form?” Bapasri replied, “They are having form. Nature of jiva is such crooked that even if it is in association with muktas, it will leave their association if he gets honour, respect in adharma and gets bound in adharma because of ego. You never get bound anywhere. I have made three of you give up mahantai. I made Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Ghansyamjivandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji give up mahantai of Dholaka, Amdavad and Jetalpur respectively. Now, please never accept mahantai. Some gurus, when they become old, wish that it will be well and good if their disciples become scholar and get honour and respect. Therefore, be kind enough not to accept maha?tai. Worship God and make others worship- do that work only.” In this way, he preached saints who had love and liking for him.

Then he said, “You have given up wealth and woman. Now you have to do rosary- do that only.” Then the saints requested Bapasri to see that they do not get bound anywhere excepting Murti. Then Bapasri showed much pleasure and gave them a boon to that effect. At one o’clock in the afternoon, Bapasri came to Kali Talavdi on a horse-carriage to bathe there. There were saints and devotees with him. There they had darsan at Chhatri. After bathing in the pond, they held an assembly. After sometime, Bapasri again went for bath. At that time, he showed much pleasure and swam in deep water. On seeing this Swami Vrndavandasji said, “Who can call Bapasri to be ill? He has started to swim.” Hearing this Bapasri, all the saints and devotees laughed. At that time Bapasri came out of the pond quickly and holding the hand of saint Muktavallabhdasji like a healthy man came up. There, Bapasri, showing his affection, put his hand on the shoulder of Swami Vrndavandasji said, ‘Yamuna man zile re sundar syamalo’ (in the river Yamuna graceful Krsna bathes). Saying so Bapasri met the saints and devotees with joy. Then he touched charanarvind at Chhatri and came to his seat. At that time saints and devotees prayed to Bapasri, so he gave the boon that all saints and devotees will be kept in Murti. Then with much pleasure he praised Bhi?bhanjan Hanumanji installed at Chhatri and said that this Hanumanji is very miraculous. Recently a boy of Bhavanipur suffered from hysteria and he was cured by Hanumanji’s grace. So His mother donated Rs. 1.25 five times each. Similarly, if one suffers from trouble caused by ghost, etc. the trouble will be destroyed by the will of Hanumanji Maharaj. But know that all these miracles are on account of Sriji Maharaj. The true upasak of Maharaj cannot take pledge of or keep faith in any other deity. However, if a devotee is desirous of getting something, he should beg only from Sriji Maharaj; and for a devotee who is desireless it is not proper to beg anything even from Sriji Maharaj. This place is miraculous, this assembly is also miraculous and this Hanumanji is also miraculous. All this glory is because of greatness of Sriji Maharaj- we should know thus. “

Then Bapasri and all saints came to the temple. There saints performed puja with sandalwood paste. Bapasri also performed puja of all by applying sandalwood paste; and then keeping his hand on the heads of all he gave a boon that they will be kept in Murti. || 4 ||