On the morning of Kartak Sud 4th, the 58th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read in the assembly at Vrspur. In it, it is said that even a poor might become a king. To that, Purani Kesavpriyadasji asked, “Bapa! What is the meaning of it?” Bapasri replied, “The words of Vachanamrt have double meaning. In it, we should understand the meaning in divine perspective as well as worldly perspective. The one who dwells in Murti and remains in His vicinity should be known as having become the king. This meaning is from divine perspective. The meaning from worldly perspective is that though he might get a kingdom in this world still he is as good as poor. One is poor till one is led by instincts like sexual desire, anger, greed, arrogance, etc.; whereas the one who establishes control over these vices and becomes free from them is called the king. This is the meaning from worldy perspective. From divine perspective one is considered to be a king only when one realises Murti by becoming free from the bondages of kal, karma, maya, etc.”

Then the 59th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chaper was read. In it, there is reference about two kinds of persons viz. benign and malign who are the cause for prevalence of benign and malign factors like place and time. In that regard Bapasri elaborated, “Once Shambhuji Garasiya of village Khoraj began to weep loudly in the assembly held in Amdavad temple. On being asked by me the reason why he was weeping, he replied, ‘I have witnessed the noble behaviour of our former great sadgurus and Dharma Dhurandhar Acharya Sri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj. In contrast whith their behaviour, now I see such sadhus and devotees who scuffle and quarrel among one another. This makes me weep.’”

Then 25th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read. In it, it is said that one should not keep pride. At that Muktavallabhdasji Swami asked, “How can the sense of pride be overcome?” Bapasri replied, “If one has complete conviction of God, one would not be caught by the sense of pride.” || 10 ||