On the 4th day of Ashadh Sud, Bapasri showed his desire to take bath but as he was feeling weakness he could not get up. At that time Bapasri’s sons Kanjibhai and Manjibhai asked Bapasri how he felt-would he get up to have bath? But Bapasri said nothing. There was much sadness on the face of Premji so both Bapasri’s sons asked Premji why he had become so. If he was having any sickness or any trouble! Premji said he was in much trouble but was unable to say anything. Then he said that Bapasri wanted to have bath but because of much weakness he did not get up. Then Kanjibhai asked Bapasri, if they should bring a small cot. Bapasri replied that they could. Then the attendants brought the small cot near the room. Bapasri was made to sit in it, was given a brush; Then Bapasri vomited so an attendant gave water for gargling. At that time some devotees were standing near by. At that time Bapasri said to Premji and Jadava!, “Where are we?” Kanjibhai said that they were in the square of the temple. Bapasri said, “We are all in Aksardham. He added, “Here is Maharaj and here are infinite muktas. All of you prostrate and Bapasri himself folded his hands.” All prostrated. At that time all felt that Bapasri was telling all this in divine feeling. The attendants bathed Bapasri but Bapasri spoke nothing. So, all became sad. Then his clothes were changed. He was made to do darsan of puja and in the same position in the cot devotees took Bapasri to the temple. Bapasri moved his hand on Murti, prostrated and looked at Murti for a long time. Then he was brought to the room and was made to sleep. At that time Manjibhai asked Bapasri, if he would like to dine. Whatever he felt like eating, he could bring it from home. Then Bapasri put his hand on his head and said that he always had divine meals in the form of happiness of Murti. Saying so, he did not say anything. After sometime Bapasri’s grand son Mavji brought boiled milk with sugar in it and after offering it to Maharaj, he said to Bapasri to take it so he drank a little quantity and said that he should not be asked by anyone for meals. At that time Jadavjibhai and Hirjibhai came, prostrated and asked Bapasri what was wrong with him. Bapasri said that in the evening he was feeling much cold and now at this time he was feeling very hot. So if they took him to the farm he would feel some coolness. Knowing such desire of Bapasri, Jadavji went to bring the horse-carriage. Then again second time Bapasri vomited, so an attendant gave water for gargling and gave drinking water. At that time Kanjibhai requested Bapasri not to go to the farm as he was feeling very weak and was vomiting. Bapasri said that he was feeling very hot so he wanted to go to the farm. Then the horse-carriage came. So devotees seated him in the horse-carriage. At that time Bapasri called both his sons kanjibhai and Manjibhai and said to them, “Now I am not sure about my life so all of you remain alert. You continue my mission. Never remain separate from Murti. Always do meditation, bhajan, katha-varta, etc., now I will not tell more. Do not worry. I am not such that may pass away. In satsang I have been there constantly. I never get separated from Murti. But now you will not see me thus.” Hearing such words Kanjibhai, Manjbhai, Mavji. Jadavji, the attendant Premji, Hirjibhai, Jadavjibhai, Khimjibhai of Narayanpur, etc. who were standing by him all became very sad and tears started coming out from their eyes. Bapasri told all of them, “Do not be sad, I have kept all of you in Murti so we are always together.” On seeing the sadness of Kanjibhai and Manjibhai, Bapasri said that when Swami Isvarcharanadasji will come, he will make everything all right for you.” Consoling thus Bapasri came to farm. There he told the attendants who were standing nearby to make him sit on the rim of the well and told them to pour on him much water so that heat may vanish. At that time all prayed to Bapasri and requested that since he was not feeling well, if they fanned instead of pouring water on his body. Bapasri told them to do as they were told. Saying so, he made them pour water on his body for a long time. Then Khimjibhai requested Bapasri that if he now stopped pouring of water on his body, it would be better, Bapasri agreed. Then he changed his dhoti and slept on the cot. Then devotees who had come for darsan from Narayanpur had brought with them meals which they offered to Bapasri but Bapasri did not show his desire. Even then the devotees insisted much so he ate only a morsel (mouth food) and said that he had no desire for food. Devotees had brought with them garlands which they put around the neck of Bapasri. Bapasri put his hand on their heads and blessed them that enjoy happiness dwelling in Murti constantly. Saying so, when he was trying to get up, an attendant asked Bapasri why he was getting up. Bapasri said that he wanted to go to lavatory so asked him to hold his hand. Then after that he went on and on. Then Manjibhai asked Bapasri where he was going thus. Bapasri said that he still wanted to bathe. At that time in spite of many requests, he showed his desire for bath. Then he was given bath for sometime and was made to sleep on cot. At that time Bapasri’s body seemed very cold so all were worried. Manjibhai went home. There devotees from Rampur had come for darsan and along with him all the member of family asked about the health of Bapasri so he told everything. So, all became sad. Devotees were sent with a small cot in which Bapasri was made to sit in it and brought him home. As his body had become very cold, rab (a liquid preparation from flour of millet) was prepared and Bapasri was asked to drink it. Then Bapasri said that he did not like anything excepting the happiness of Murti so, he should not be asked by anyone for meals. Saying so, he slept. The sons and grand sons of Bapasri became nonplussed; so the message was sent to Bhuj, Rampur, etc. villages. Lalsankarbhai, Motibhai, Maganbhai, etc. came from Bhuj. They all prostrated and said Jay Swaminarayana but Bapasri did not speak so they offered prayer. Then Bapasri opened his eyes, looked at all and immediately closed his eyes. When the family members were asked about Bapasri’s health, they informed that since morning Bapasri has shown this illness to increase. After sometime Devrajbhai also came from Rampur, he prostrated, prayed much but Bapasri did not speak. So he knew that Bapasri had gone deep inwardly. So he would not speak. Knowing thus he was praying from heart-what else could he do? Whenever Bapasri wanted to go to lavatory, an attendant would help him and whenever he wanted water to drink he would make a sign. So an attendant would give him water but Bapasri would not talk with anyone and would not open eyes. When someone prayed, Bapasri would look at him and close his eyes. Thus as and when devotees came to know about Bapasri’s illness, they started coming for his darsan. All would fold hands, pray, Bapasri would open his eyes a little, look at, but would not speak so everyone in the house became confused. On hearing such news saints of Bhuj and Bhogilalbhai, Dhanjibhai, Ghelabhai, etc. devotees having love also came. All went to his home after having darsan in the temple and prostrated before Bapasri, said Jay Swaminarayana but Bapasri would not speak anything. Then saints, devotees sang kirtan and read Vachanamrt, did dhun (repetition of God’s name) for long time even then Bapasri did not speak anything. Thus, devotees from Bhuj and villages went on coming for darsan. In the evening saints and Bhogilalbhai, etc. some devotees went back but nobody would have mental peace. At night after much request Bapasri was given milk which he drank little and opening his eyes he looked with grace at all with his nectar sight. At that time saints, devotees who were nearby desired to perform puja seeing Bapasri’s much pleasure. They applied sandalwood paste, kumkum, and flowers. They put lamp of ghee and incense stick in front of Murti and offered garlands to Murti. Then they applied sandalwood paste, kumkum, chandla, and garland of flowers. Then they performed arati and all prostrated. At that time Bapasri looked at them in the way as if he was showing his pleasure on them. All prayed but Bapasri did not speak anything, closed his eyes in such a way as if he was in trance (Samadhi)! In this way he gave darsan for a long time so nobody could understand what Bapasri wanted to do. Bapasri is independent (self directing), so we cannot know his desire. He has put many in the happiness of Murti, many times blessed, has left no stone unturned in giving happiness to anyone. We should remain pleased as he wishes. Thus they thinking among themselves and looking at Bapasri constantly, began to do dhun in high pitch. At that time Bapasri also stopped lila vigrah (his divine act). Thus Bapasri left for the Aksardham-Murti (heavenly abode) at one o’clock in the night on Ashadh sud 4th. At that time Bapasri inspired patience by attracting their nadi pran (vein-breath), as a result nobody could weep. || 154 ||