On the day of Jeth Sud 4th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “There is a saint, named Balkrushnadasji in Muli, he is very great saint and dwells in Murti in all three states (jagrat, swapna, susupti) and knows all as divine and imbibes their virtues. He does not imbibe any one’s fault and worships and meditates. Shriji Maharaj is sitting in the middle in the assembly and all Muktas are sitting on all four sides-such is this assembly. If any one takes Him as a human being and goes out leaving Him, he will face much woe, hunger, punishment and soul will be destroyed. Therefore be kind enough to know satsang as divine. If it is not convenient here in this region, go to Vartal and if it is not convenient there, stay here in this region. For this purpose Shriji Maharaj has chosen two regions- one should stay where ever it is convenient and worship God happily. In case it is not possible in both the regions one should go to a temple in any village and whatever donation comes from that village, should be sent to original temple. In present time the strength of kaliyuga is much so religion of every one has become less and be alert because some are affected by illusion (maya) in the form of money and woman.|| 40 ||