On the day Magsar Sud 12th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “We should dwell in Murti. We should not leave it. If Murti is forgotten, you will be in trouble. Therefore, we should install Maharaj along with assembly in our soul. Param Ekantik are above Ekantik and above them Anadi who are different. ‘me hu Adi Anadi aa to sarve upadhi‘ (I am Adi, Anadi and this is all upadhi- trouble). Here are Adi, if you recognize them. They are the same, Anadi who are in Akshardham. If Maharaj is together, everything is there. We want to become great leaving aside Maharaj but it is of no use. To ask for anything and wish to see miracles of Samadhi (Trance) is all Sakam (bearing fruit) path and wish that Muktas get us attached to Murti is Niskam (bearing no fruit) path.

Then Bapashri got someone to read the 36th Vachnamrut of first chapter. In its commentary, it is said that the one who hears Katha from the mouth of rich sadhu should do Chandrayan Vrat. Bapashri asked Becharbhai, what he was going to do then. One should not hear Katha from the saint who keeps money and should not give anything. Shriji will be very much displeased with him who keeps money and it is a great sin. What is the use of leaving home? He has unnecessarily taken vow for two things wealth and woman. Therefore, they should be discarded. If he does means without discarding that sin, nothing can be achieved. All of you keep in mind this talk. It is for good, it is not for bad. There is no dearth of food, clothes, etc. Ladu (Sweet balls) and vehicles are ready even then he requires other thing. He discarded every thing but what he has really discarded? Every thing is covered in two things. If commands of Swaminarayan are obeyed, every thing is there. One saint left us and now he is wandering. Nobody has kept him any Ashram. The happiness of Mukta is taken by some, even if they are away from them and some cannot take it even though they are in front of them. Just as though the calf of the cow is away from her, it takes the taste of milk and were as the insect stick to udders, they cannot take the taste of milk. The reason is he has ego. So he does not find the path. There are such gems in the satsang that if you know them and associate with them, they will take you Akshardham. || 239 ||