When there was row (pankti) of saint at the time of meals, Bapasri began to prostrate before them. Saints requested him not to prostrate. Bapasri replied, “Sriji Maharaj has come to give darsan in the divine form in this row of saints. I am prostrating before Him, please do not worry. Maharaj has shown much pleasure in this yajna. Today in the assembly He was also giving divine luminous darsan and looking at saints and devotees with His nectar sight and was smiling gently showing His pleasure.” Saying so he told those who were serving meals to saints to go on serving saints till they roared like lion, if they intended to please Maharaj. “In this brahmayajna only thing to be done is to dine, to play and take promise of ultimate liberation. I want to make all happy in the happiness of Murti. The pleasure of Sri Maharaj seems to be much in this yajna.” Saying so during the incident of Vachanamrt katha Bapasri said, “During this time nobody would be left out.” Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji overflow the sea of joy by the brahmayajna in the form of doing katah-varta by all of you three Sadgurus. Festival kapila chhath and mahodaya parva has come-such samaiya is rare to happen often.” Thus Bapasri would come for giving darsan at the time of meals and in katha in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. Then he would show much pleasure by discourses.

Once in the morning assembly, Bapasri while applying sandalwood paste to Purani Kesavpriyadasji with much love, he said, “Purani Maharaj! You have performed a big task-you are doing katha dwelling in Murti so, Maharaj, saints devotees, all are very much pleased. Maharaj shines luminously in this assembly in the centre. Infinite muktas sit round Murti. AnadiMuktas are taking happiness by remaining engrossed. Everything is luminous, luminescence emits abundantly. The one who has such wonderful feeling will become mad. What to talk about the Master of infinite cosmoses! And where is the place of wretched jiva! Thus, impossible has become possible.” Saying so, he sat in assembly. When katha was over, all saints sat near him. At that time devotees were called for meals so all of them went. Then Bapasri looking at Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Ghansyamjivandasji told other saints, “These are our great saints. See! Always remain immersed in Murti. You all become such. Do not keep attachment to Aksarkoti, etc. or elsewhere excepting to Murti. We have come only to do that one task. Some are very much knowledgeable in worldly affairs so forgetting Murti, they keep themselves engaged in work-what do they achieve? We are of Purusottamnarayana so we should always have intoxication of Murti.” Then Bapasri asked Swami Isvarcharanadasji to make saints and devotees very much happy. “All these devotees have come crossing the sea to please you.” Swami Ghansyamjivandasji said, “Bapa! You are like magnet. We are following you.” Bapasri said, “Swami! You are hiding your power but I know everything. You have maintained, the track of Mahanubhavanand Swami. Nothing is dear to your heart excepting Murti.” Then Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “This Swami is brave in observing commands. Nobody can talk loosely before him. Blessing of Mahanubhavanand Swami would be such. Great Nanda Sadgurus never left Sriji Maharaj even for a moment so divine power of that assembly was seen naturally. They all would appear by the sankalpa of Maharaj. How can jiva know their state? Muktanand Swami says, ‘Hari harijanni gati chhe nyari, ane deh-darshi dekhe pota jeva sansari’ (the state of God and devotees is mysterious-human beings considers them as they themselves are). They cannot be recognised as they are without divine feeling. This assembly is beyond words, divine luminous and without attributes. Sankalpas of this assembly work. This time many have been benefited. All activities of such saints should be known as beneficial. Saints sitting in this assembly seem as if garden (forest) of lotus of sunflower were blooming! In the same way eyes of all are fixed on Murti. This divine assembly appears miraculous because such great Sadgurus sit in front, Sriji Maharaj looks at all with His nectar sight.”

In the night assembly katha of Vachanamrt was being read. Then Bapasri said, “Everything has been explained by Maharaj in it. Nothing remains to be told or explained. But tendency of jiva is topsy turvy, so it does not know about it. Some try to understand these spiritual talks by the aid of intellect-how can they understand? Maharaj says that though it has been written in scriptures, it can only be understood when Satpurusa come in this world. Similarly these saints explain day and night but jiva has been affected by maya so it does not understand as Maharaj says. Some consider Maharaj to be like other incarnation. Some reach up to Aksar etc. but everything is activity without Maharaj. Ultimate liberation is not possible without cause (Maharaj). It is very mysterious talk but Maharaj and muktas have made it easy, so salvation has become easy. The state of Anadi can be achieved through Anadi but it cannot be done without Anadi. How much can be achieved by means? One is kept in Murti by Maharaj only by His grace. Therefore, those who are sincere followers of Maharaj should be proud of Murti’s power.” || 136 ||