On the morning of Posh Sud 4th, a Brahmin said that he wanted Murti. Bapashri said, “Do you have the trust that this Murti is God Himself? If you have trust, have the darshan. There was a Brahmin when he set for dinner he said it is not going down the throat. Then Bapashri asked him to thrust a logwood in the throat. Similarly, if you are convinced, trust and have the darshan. But do not keep the feelings of atheism. This idol is God himself. Keep such feelings of theism. To give an example Bapashri talked about Kalyansang. Kalyansangji of Mathak had come to Rampur. He used to bathed very late. I told him if you bathe early, I could take you for the darshan of God. On the next day, he bathe early and requested me to get the darshan of God. Then I took him near the Murti of God and asked him is this or not true God? He said that He was real God such trust and theism. We should have such realization that Murti appears in the soul. He may not consider Murti as divine and tries for it- elsewere, what is use of it? Therefore, he should take it as divine and get attached to Murti by meditation. This has been entrusted by Maharaj to us. The feelings of the past, the future and present should be avoided. Avoid decorating body and join in Maharaj’s Murti by getting engrossed in Murti. You do not want to leave any luxury and want Murti- how can you get it? Even great saint make vain efforts- then how can all get. If you sow the tree of poison, its leaves, branches, petals, all will be poisonous. Leave that poisonous tree (here it means material objects are like poison) and join your uninterrupted vrutti in only Swaminarayan Murti is like the constant flow of oil. Similarly, if he associates with the saint who gives happiness of Shriji Maharaj after recognizing him he will get any kind of happiness that he desires. If he puts efforts, Murti will be realized therefore put efforts. Brahmin asks for a tiffin. Then he was told to ask for all, never ask for one. Then he said why he should ask for others. Illusive senses will make illusive objects poisonous but if he keeps his vrutti constantly in Murti, Murti will be realized within six months. Then there will be no liking for taste- only Murti will appear. When you become the form of Purushottam, you will get the knowledge of Purushottam. It is not possible to keep simultaneously the comfort of the body and take the happiness of Murti. He may give up the taste but if he prefers milk of buffalo, he cannot get Murti. Where have I come from? Today Maharaj show Murti. He moves about and gives happiness, but there is feeling of atheism. He wants comfort of this body, he wants enjoyment of eating, drinking, wearing nice clothes, etc so how can he see Murti. Bapashri quoted an example of Harjibhai. He came in contact with sandal wood tree and he was freed from poison. (here it means that when he came in contact with Anadi Mukta/saint, he became indifferent to worldly objects). He gave the bodily feeling and there after he would eat after mixing all food dishes. He took up the rights of our village to remain with me, and took part in religious activities and forgot everything. He had a son when he went near him on morning and evening he would see luminescence in him. He had such need and desire so stayed with us. He told us to ask Govabhai to close factories. I told him that he had not reached to that stage- how can he give up. The one who controls all senses should be known that he has gone in forest. We have met such saint and God though they are with us, they do not give up passion. Then in the evening Bapashri, all saint and devotees came to Viramgam. || 250 ||