On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 14th, the 31st Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was read. In it, it is said that there is oneness between the Murti of Akshardham and Murti in the form of human being. Bapashri said, “Both the Murtis are the same and the one. Moreover the idol is also the same Murti. Therefore idols appear as divine as the Murti of Akshardham. Just as Goplanand Swami and other Muktas who became invisible and it is the glory of Muktas. Similarly if the greatness of saint and devotees is understood, it is the early autumn, the fruit of Murti will be had. If the speaker and the listener both are eager the fruit will be in the form of Murti. But careless can not get the fruit of Murti even after innumerable births. During discussion between the speaker and listeners if the listener has no faith or trust and if he doubts, that listener is known as careless and he will not have the happiness of association; and the one who has trust, faith and having no doubt should be known as the best listener. He will get the happiness of the association. The speaker who has no relation with the Murti of Mahaprabhuji should be known as useless. The one, who has the sincere relation with the Murti, should be known as the best speaker. Whatever education is studied, narrate katha, story, do service, devotion, without the relationship with Maharaj are all useless and they are impotent. The one who does satsang and knows Maharaj as the doer of all actions and as Supreme Being but allows to create wrong thoughts in mind, he has not kept reverence of Maharaj and Muktas. He is also useless and seedless. The one who knows Maharaj and Muktas always Supreme Being and together and does not allow to create wrong thoughts and keeps reverence for them, he is theist and capable. Therefore the one who knows the saints of present time and idols as good as Maharaj’s Murti which has become invisible and saints who have become invisible, he himself becomes divine. || 63 ||