On the 2nd day of Vaishakh Vad Bapashri talked by showing His favour and said, “Just as there is fire as a result of bamboo trees striking each other. Similarly lust, anger, greed, honour, etc. are all attachment of body. They do not leave even if one dries up the body and eats handful of food. They seize us even in the state of dream and subconsciousness. The afore-said faults trouble us even in dream in two ways -in the form of enemy and in the form of affection. These faults should repented by observing fast and they should not be remembered, either in the form of enemy or in the form of affection-the memory of both should be avoided. By pondering on them the thoughts get strengthened; therefore we should not ponder on them. These faults can not be avoided by any means except Murti.”

Then Purani Krushnajivandasji asked, “What is the remedy for conquering lust?” Then Bapashri replied, “It can be conquered by two means: (i) by understanding greatness of Shriji Maharaj, and (ii) by the firmness of soul. The firmness of soul should be such that even if hot iron bar is thrust in eyes and hot liquified lead is poured into ears, the patience is not lost. Just as Shri Akhandanand Swami did not fear even though he encountered tiger. A devotee named Kadwa Bhakta of Gothap used to get too much pain in his stomach but never showed cowardliness and always remained happy. But never desired for fruits of action. For this he never prayed to Shriji Maharaj either for remedy or for life. He was such desireless of fruits and such was his firmness of soul.

“Shri Gopalanand Swami came to a river in Sarangpur along with 100-150 saints after visiting villages, sitting there he was talking. During the talk one of the saints asked the question, “What is the form of firmness of soul?” Then Swamishri replied “It will be known after a moment or so.” In the mean while renouncers came there and started throwing stones so all the saints rushed to the dense thorny thicket which was on the banks of river. They were hurt by thorns. These renouncers went away when they saw people coming from the village. Then those people knew that renouncers were throwing stones in the thicket to injure some one. So they said “Renouncers have gone away. Therefore please come out if there is some one in the thicket.” Then the saints came out of the thicket and told Gopalanand Swami, “Our bodies are full of thorns so we unable to put our feet on the earth and even sitting or sleeping is not possible.” So Swamishri got tongs from a satsangi and drew thorns out from all and sprayed ash and put cotton on it, and brought them to Gadhada slowly. After having darshan of Maharaj saints complained about their pains. Shriji Maharaj asked them whether thorns of Gopalanand Swami were removed or not. At that time the saints said that his thorns had not been removed. Then Shriji Maharaj Himself removed the thorns from Swamishri’s body and these thorns weighed 3/4 lbs. but Swami spoke nothing. Such should be the firmness of soul. Moreover, honour, dishonour, happiness, unhappiness, joy, sorrow, enemy and friend? they all should become equal; and lust, anger, greed and fear are not there in it- such is the firmness of soul.

“The greatness should be such that the work of Prakruti-Purush becomes very trivial and knows Mahaprabhuji as above Brahmkoti and Mul-Aksharkoti and knows Him as super being and understands Him as omniscient of all. He dwells in all as associating himself through his luminescence and His self is different from aforesaid forms as vyatirek (transcendent). For the one who understands such greatness, every thing becomes trivial. Thereafter he will have no taste for food, honour, love, etc. If any one utters something he will have no value for it; he will remain unbiased in either criticism or praise. If Shriji Maharaj is remembered, lust will be conquered. If he talks about antaryami (omniscient), anvay (immanent) and vyatirek (transcendent) but does not keep bound, this knowledge is called vachyarth (literal knowledge). As a result, his love for objects other than Shri Mahaprabhuji will not be overcome. When there is in lakshyarth (the knowledge of goal), attachment will not remain elsewhere. The soul is very much engrossed in atheism so it is subdued by objects and body crosses boundary and nourishes senses and gives them whatever they demand. There is fear of neither Maharaj nor Muktas? it is called vachyarth (literal) knowledge, but if he knows Maharaj as omniscient and keeps his senses within limits, then he is called to have lakshyarth (the knowledge of goal) and he is called a satsangi. Such knowledge is achieved by the grace of Param Ekantik and Anadi Muktas of Shriji Maharaj. How can we know that this is achieved? Just as with intense fondness, the course of life takes a new turn and the whole satsang justifies, then it is said to be achieved. After achievement if one feels hurt and the nature does not change and there is interruption in worship and meditation, it can not be called true attachment. Therefore satsang should be such that it gives new course to life and in all activities Maharaj and Muktas should be taken as omniscient and should keep His fear? then it is said that proper greatness is known and lust is won.”

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is the remedy for burning lust from its root?” Bapashri replied, “If he obeys all commands -small or big- of Shriji Maharaj, believes himself to be form of luminescence of Shriji Maharaj and in that luminescence beholds Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and by beholding he sees Maharaj’s Murti in his soul, his faults of lust, etc. will be done away with. The other remedy is if he meets Muktas who have met Mahaprbhuji and their shadow falls on him and they become very pleased with him, his all faults like lust, etc. will be burnt. Then he becomes blissful in the bliss of Shri Mahaprbhuji.” Saying so, he ended the holy discourse. || 2 ||