In the morning of Kartak Sud 8th ,Bapasri went home after taking bath, performing puja and having darsan of Ṭhakorji. After sometime he came to assembly. Purani Kesahvpriyadasji read 7th Vachanamrt of Amdavad. Bapasri said, “In this Maharaj says that He is a creator, maintainer and destructor of all cosmos and innumerable Siva, Brahama, Kailash, Vaikuntha, Golok, Brahmpur of infinite cosmoses and millions of other character (Bhumika) are all luminous because of His luminescence and if He shakes the earth with His toe, earth of infinite cosmoses would start shaking. More over the sun, moon, stars, etc. are luminous because of His luminescence and besides support of infinite cosmoses and cause of all is He, Purusottam. He did not see anyone greater than Him. He is such supreme and if someone determines for Him understanding thus, his determination will remain firm. In this, Sriji Maharaj has become cause of all. Even then one who does not understand such greatness describes other incarnations along with supreme Purusottamnarayana but where is Maharaj and where are incarnation! Sriji Maharaj is second to none. He is the only one like Him. ‘A Murti sauthi nokhi achrajkari chhe’ ‘Jova rakhi nahin jod Purusottam pragati’ (This Murti is different from all and astonishing- did not keep any other to see after incarnation of Purusottam). Such is that causal Murti. Unless one knows Maharaj as cause of all, controller of all, supreme, support of all, jiva will not get ultimate liberation. Therefore, Sriji Maharaj says that He considers this assembly of satsangi is better than the assembly of Svetdwipa, Golok, Vaikuntha, Badrikasram, etc. abodes and He sees all devotees with immense light. He adds that if He says it only for the sake of saying, He swears in the name of these saints assembly. Though Maharaj has sworn thus, some new comer do not understand the talks of incarnate and incarnation and great muktas explain to them by showing pity but they do not understand. If one reads 7th Vachanamrt of Amdavad and ponders over it, it can be understood.

Soni Maganbhai asked, “Bapa! In our region there are two hundred seventy three Vachanamrts whereas in Vadtal region there are two hundred sixty two, why are eleven Vachanamrts less in the book of that region?” Bapasri said, “Formerly there were two hundred sixty two Vachanamrts. When they began to read in the assembly, Kubersinh macebearer of Amdavad asked Dharm dhurandhar Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj, what is being read? He said that great Sadgurus had written the talks delivered by Sriji Maharaj in respective villages. Those talks have been combined and Sriji Maharaj’s Vachanamrts have been written- it is being read. Kubersinh, who was a macebearer, said that he had also written the talks done by Sriji Maharaj and talks related to the questions which he had asked and Maharaj had answered with pleasure. Then Ashjibhai of Jetalpur said that he had also written the talks delivered by Maharaj at Jetalpur and Aslali. Acharya Maharaj asked both of them to bring to him those talks. They brought them and handed over to MaharajSri. Dhamdhurandhar Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj and great saints were pleased when they read miraculous questionnaire and said that they had done a good work by writing this talks. Then these talks were summarised by saints and this summary become the form of eleven Vachanamrt. Then MaharajSri wrote a letter to Vadtal Mandir saying that besides the Vachanamrt they prepared, they had got literature equivalent to eleven Vachanamrt. In those Vachanamrt supremacy of Sriji Maharaj has been described nicely and asked them to write down eleven Vachanamrt and not to make any change because in it sense of supremacy of Maharaj and His greatness has been told in the name of Sri Narnarayana. Then Darmadhurandhar Acharya Maharaj Sri Raghuvirji Maharaj of Vadtal wished to make the research of eleven Vachanamrts in consultation with saints as it was done with other Vachanamrts. Then again another letter was sent from Amdavad by Acharya Maharaj in which it was said that there is no need to make any research in those Vachanamrts because Sriji Maharaj Himself has described His form of Purusottam and great saints of Amdavad opine that they do not think anything to be researched in those Vachanamrts. So it will be better if you write those Vachanamrts as they are. Acharya Sri sent a reply from Vadtal that if he thought fit he would write without making research because other Vachanamrts had been researched so these additional will have to be researched. Acharyasri of Amdavad knew that there is sense of supremacy in those Vachanamrts and Sriji Maharaj Himself has said that He is the cause of all and in future by such words Maharaj’s greatness would be known, understanding thus, he did not send those Vachanamrts to Vadtal. So in the edition of Vadtal eleven Vachanamrts have not been written. This I have heard from great saints. In those Vachanamrts talks have become miraculous because there is distinct description stating that Sriji Maharaj Himself is Purusottamnarayana. So in edition of this region eleven Vachanamrts are more. Some without understanding say that they are new but if they know this thing and read Vachanamrts, ponder over them, they will understand about the more greatness of Sriji Maharaj. ||113 ||