On the day of Vaishakh Vad 9th, saint Muktajivandasji asked a question in the assembly. He asked, “What is the fate of the one whose devotion (upashana) is not matured?” Bapashri replied, “The one whose devotion of God is not matured is given next birth at the place in cosmos where God has

incarnated and his devotion is made matured and is taken to Akshardham.

Then Brahmchari Vairagyanandji asked, “Why are there dispute if there is God in satsang?” Bapashri put the counter question and asked, “How many disputes were there during the time of Ram-Krishna?” There were many in other incarnation and the river of blood flowed. There were disputes in those incarnations as well. Therefore, we should not think that God is not there because of disputes. The one having no matured determination will have such doubts. The one having matured determination will consider it as God’s Lila. Creation, maintenance, and destruction are God’s Lila. If one tells them and hears them as lila one will be liberated. The one who doubt in such pilgrimage place is ignorant. Then Bapashri said greatness of Lord Swaminarayan-Shriji Maharaj is such that once Vyapakanand Swami had visited Kutch, he told Shriji Maharaj, “Oh Maharaj! I want to go to the places where you have treaded but how can I know the places of your prasadi?” Shriji Maharaj replied, “My Murti will appear in all three states and you will see golden divine feet of mine.” Then he saw them as such and even today if there is sincere feeling one can see. || 223 ||