In Samvat 1975, on the day of Vaishakh Sud 3rd, saints ofAmdavad and Muli and devotees had gone to Kutch, after having darshan at Bhuj they went to Vruspur on the day of Vaishakh Sud 15th .

On the day of VaishakhVad 1st, the 30th Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there is reference about avoiding thoughts. Then Bapashri said, If one keeps attachment with great Anadi Mukta and know them as supreme being (omniscient) and always keep them before him, his thoughts will be avoided by them. If he knows ‘guru gaya gokal ne chelane thai mokal‘ (-here it means in the absence of guru the disciple will enjoy-when the cat is away mice play.) thoughts will not disappear. Therefore, all Muktas should always be known as supreme being. If Acharya offers mahantai (head of temple) of Dholaka or Jetalpur or any other place, he would leave such association and such opportunity. Such is the nature of Jiva. Therefore, one should not get tempted and should not believe in greatness, honour, education, authority, etc. One should get attached to Murti of Maharaj and should believe the greatness in that happiness. One should not think that he is sitting in the porch of temple of Vruspur. This is Akshardham.This is the place where everything can be achieved. Even then one who is not determined would say that Muktas do not come in this assembly at all. He is an atheist and he will not get the happiness of this assembly and will not be liberated. Jiva is such that it would call Illusion, God, Brahm, Akshar all as Anadi but it would not call Anadi Mukta as Anadi and would not allow others to say so. There were Karamshi Kothari and another saints. Someone from Gujarat addressed Nirgunanandji Brahmchari as Anadimukta. They would read and mock. Karamshi devotee showed this letter to Swami Mahapurushdasji. Swami told him what was wrong in it-it is all right. Such is his state. Then they came to Bapashri and said look! So Bapashri asked them if they had seen that Brahmchari and if know who he was. Bapashri further told him, “That Brahmchari (celibate) is enjoyer of bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. If you do not call him Anadi, why are you there in the satang? Jiva,Illusion, Iswar,Brahm, Akshar are all called Anadi and the one who is Anadi is not called Anadi, what is the reason of it? What have you brought in this letter? What kind of understanding is yours? Then he went away. Then Bapashri said, “Today Anadi Mukta give darshan in the form of human being. It is really the season of autumn. In this season you can ripen any kind of fruits. Formerly, Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Shuk Swami used to sit together and used to discuss philosophy. We belong to their cadre, therefore, take advantage of satsang of each other.if one enjoys this happiness, he will get happiness. That happiness is enjoyed by great Anadi and Param Ekantik and they distribute in satsang, that happiness should be taken. In this assembly there are Anadi, Param Ekantik and Ekantik. Shriji Maharaj is also seated in it. Therefore, one should be enjoyer of bliss of Murti in this life span and should get attached to Murti. Those who separate from the Murti and this assembly, will not get happiness. Therefore, keep faith in Anadi. Whatever I say is true but resoning should not be applied to the effect there how this can be Mukta. If you do so it will be loss. ‘Pandit thi gao pachas, gyani thi gao vish, premi ne aspas, ne vishvasine shish‘-this means trust is everything. Kalyansanghji trusted and he was fulfilled.

Purani Dharmakishodasji said, “If God Himself meets passionate renouncer , will he have to take birth or not?” Bapashri said, “Think of jadbharat. This saint is the child of Shriji Maharaj. If one serves him, Shriji Maharaj will very much be pleased and the shortcomings of the one who serves him will be done away with by Maharaj in this birth itself. During that time there was a Brahmin whom I asked how great this saint was. He said that he was very great. Then Bapashri said, “He is great up to Akshardham and no one is like him and also no incarnation or Mulakshar,etc. are like him. He who is very lucky can recognize this saint. Ordinary man cannot recognize him. In Muli I was sitting at the place of Shree Nirgundasji Swami. There some officer said that Swaminarayan whom you call was bava (mendicant) of Hindustani. He did many means and had realized yoga so no doubt he was a great man but calling him as God is not understood. Swami told him that this thing is not within your reach and for ordinary people Lord Swaminarayan is within their reach. He gave an example. A business man was bringing sugar from Hindustan by rail it came here and was getting scattered on the way and reached here. Scattered sugar was eaten by ants they become very happy. Similarly those Jivas who have like ants recognise God by getting attached to Muktas and became very happy and big animals could not eat sugar. Similarly extrovert Jivas cannot recognize this God and Mukta and they do not get their happiness. Then he was attracted to Swami and became his follower. || 199 ||