When the work of upper storey of Vrspur temple was going on, Purani Kesavpriyadasji had gone to Bhuj. In the month of Magsar he came to Vrspur along with Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai for darsan of Bapasri. Bapasri met all and said, “Here the work of construction of the upper storey is in progress so devotees are busy from morning to evening. They get tired so katha-varta is completed in time.” Then Bapasri got water for Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai and gave it to them. Then Bapasri was sitting in the square on a chair and devotees were working. Bapasri praised them by saying that all young or old are eager for seva. They have given up the work in their farms and work here. For the work of temple saints and devotees all have equal eagerness and enthusiasm, as they know that Sriji Maharaj will be pleased by this seva. He told Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai, “Great Nanda Sadgurus and devotees have built such temples. So we have nothing to do more. Their work is praise worthy. In every village they have built small or big temples and also big temples, prepared divine scriptures, brought great muktas- thus Sriji Maharaj has shown much mercy on jivas. Now for us Murti should be the goal and get ourselves fulfilled.” Then Purani Kesavpriyadasji came. Then Bapasri told Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai that this Purani is happy in the happiness of Sriji Maharaj. Arjun’s goal was to shoot the fish so all his concentration was on the fish. Similarly Purani has made his tendency (vrtti) on Murti only. The one who understands the importance of happiness of Murti will consider other happiness as worthless. We have got much benefit of achievement of Murti but if there is no understanding, regret will not be over. Now we should consider Maharaj and great Anadi as the form of our life because of them our goal of ultimate liberation becomes true. Great muktas mercifully give us courage, so that there remains no shortcomings and jiva immediately gets strength. The causal body will not be ruined without their pleasure. Great Anadi merge his sankalpa with the sankalpa of Maharaj and make many jivas happy-what does jiva know about it! For seekers though they have achieved happiness of Murti they will be disturbed in other activity whereas great muktas like Sriji Maharaj have no disturbance- the talk of such independent muktas is peculiar. Therefore, they should be pleased and we should associate with them knowing their greatness. Sriji Maharaj along with His Anadi muktas has given darsan in this world- it is His only compassion. What a great mercy! Otherwise if one does penance for thousands of years with sirshasan and taking air only, even then their darsan is not possible. It is rare. If anyone had darsan of Maharaj and great muktas, the wind which has touched them touches him or two words of theirs had gone in jiva, it gives much strength. The tree, the mountain, the creeper, etc.- whatever comes under their sight is also fortunate. For us it is the great opportunity. So must seize it. Jiva under the influence of maya becomes drowsy. But if it becomes introvert and becomes tranquil in Murti, it will be happy. Such opportunity and such happiness will not be found even if one looks for it. Therefore, make laksyartha (one’s state in absolute sense) and such talk should be conveyed to one another. Presently this opportunity is easily available. But if it becomes difficult, there will much regret. Therefore, do katha-varta, meditation, bhajan and join Murti. The essence of all essence is Murti. Talking thus, there will be realisation in jiva. The words of great Anadi are very miraculous so when such words go deep in jiva, the happiness, capacity and brightness go on increasing. Therefore, show need for seva, pleasure and association of them. Muktas enjoy in the bliss of Murti and they dwelling in Murti are seen by Maharaj’s sankalpa. Therefore, if such muktas explain the greatness of Maharaj as it is, pace of taking happiness increases. How can those who have come in the sight of muktas and in their pleasure be recognised?- they cannot live without Murti, it is their identification. They go on doing katha-varta, meditation, bhajan. In every talk of theirs Murti will be the main topic. When all certify him in satsang, we should know that, muktas are pleased with him.” Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai requested Bapasri that since they have been considered as his, they should always be favoured with his merciful sight. Then Bapasri putting his hand on the head of Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Get attached to such saint who is saint in real sense. He has stuck to the causal Murti and he is above attributes like Brahmachari Nirgunanand -he has nothing to do with mine or thine, nothing to do with joy or sorrow and has no attachment whatsoever. For me he has come from Amdavad and is with me. I also constantly remember such saint.” Saying thus Bapasri met Bhogilalbhai and Dhanjibhai and said that when the work of the upper storey was over, a big yajna is to be performed as I have told to Sadgurus-that will definitely be performed in the month of Chaitra.” Bhogilalbhai said, “Bapa! You always do the same and your, such sankalpa will also be realised.” Both of them went to Bhuj and Purani Kesavpriyadasji also went to Bhuj after two days. Other saints and devotees came and had darsan, Bapasri talked with them, during the katha. Similarly till the work of upper storey was over, Bapasri used to do katha-varta in the morning and sit with workers in the morning and evening. Bapasri showing his pleasure would distribute prasad to all who were rendering seva– at night he talked in assembly. Thus, the work was practically over in the second half of month Maha Vad. || 125 ||