On the day of Vaishakh 13th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What did Samat, Mulji, Krushanaji and the two Kathis of village Gundali do? Please tell me.” Bapashri said, “Samat went to fetch his daughter in-law. There he was rebuked by saying that his son did not want her and if he (Samat) wanted her he could take her.” Hearing these words he thought that he was the devotee of Shri Swaminarayan sect and since he had been rebuked he must remove that organ. Thinking so he burnt it (by yoga).

Mulji and Krushnaji belong to Mankuva of Kutch; they went to Shriji Maharaj for becoming renunciant. Maharaj did not respond and turned them back. They wore saffron clothes and solicit for food in a village. Then their relatives permitted them and came to Gadhada. Though Shriji Maharaj had driven out by making them vimukh (averse to norms of becoming renunciant), they did not feel hurt and they went to a darry(small temple) on the bank of the Ghela river and sang devotional song. Then Shriji Maharaj sent for them and kept them with Him.

Then again Swami asked, “Who between the two did it burn?” Bapashri replied that it was done by Krushnaji. The name of Mulji was Sarvagnanand Swami, he was Mahant of the Amdavad temple and name of Krushnaji was Ghanshyamanand Swami.

Saints came to the place of two Kathi devotees of Gundali village. The mother of Kathi gave them hotchpotch (khichadi), saints started cooking it. The aged Kathi of the village came to know about it. He did not allow saints to cook and draw them away. The aged Kathi was killed by the two brothers and the two Kathis were also killed but did not leave the sect.

Then again Swami requested to talk about Sunderjibhai and Dosa Bania, etc. Bapashri said, “Sunderjibhai carpenter belonged to Kutch-Bhuj. He was going in the marriage party of the king. Shriji Maharaj made him remove his cloths of the house-holder, ornaments, etc. His hair was also cut and made him wear kaupin (under garment meant for saint), gave him tumbdi (water pot for saint) and sent him to Kashi but he did not oppose and did not even say that he would go after coming from marriage party, nor did he take this matter seriously in his mind- such thing is not possible without knowing the greatness.

Shriji Maharaj told Dosa Bania of Bandhia village to throw his wealth in the well and to burnt clothes and food grains. He ordered him to wear kaupin (under garment meant for saint) and go to Kashi with tumbdi. He did as he was told and when he reached to Vadodara there he met Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Swami Shri Muktanand who turned him back and sent him to Shriji Maharaj. He came to Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj ordered him to go home and told him that when his wife is there in the room he should stay outside and when she comes out he should go in the room. If both of them go together into room, he should observe fast. He strictly adhered to this command till he left this world.

Four brothers named Rano, Bhim, Vashram and Raghav were Rajgor Brahmin belonging to Golida village. Yams (the servants of the God of death) entered the village. Seeing them entering, they drew them out. Bhim one of the brothers left this world and Vashram and Raghav became saints. At the time of leaving his body Rana had told his mother that he would take her on the 12th day of his death. He did accordingly.

There was an old woman of Kathlal village. She asked Shriji Maharaj to put His thumb in water pot filled with water. She dropped the water in the village well thinking that if the village people drink the water all will be benefited, such was the greatness of Shriji Maharaj. Talk of the Prahladji is written in Vachanamrut. After this katha came to end and every body made “jay ghosh” of Shri Sahajanand Swami Maharaj and the assembly was blessed with the boon let this assembly be free from illusion (maya). || 62 ||