On the morning of Jeth Vad 11th the 1st Vachanamrut of Vartal was being read the assembly. In it, it is refered that Shobharam Shastri asked a question. Bapashri said, “Shobharam Shastri asked Maharaj, with association of this Mukta wheather you have such opportunity or not.” Then saints said that there was such time definitely for them. Then Bapashri said, “The association with Mukta is that of Maharaj. If one does not know thus he is atheist.” Then it is refered that if it is determined, it is thoughtless trance even if vein and pran have no role to play. Then Bapashri said that it should be known as refered above. Then determination was defined, the one who breaks mindhhal (a kind of fruit tied round the wrist at the time of marriage),give up kingdom, wealth, wife and if woman discard her husband and if one is told to come here on this occasion, he/she will come by leaving aside all work and even if he/she is ill will not care for illness. Just as celibate Mulji jumped from the porch to give water to Maharaj. Even he did not care for his body that is will be hurt. If one obeys thus it is determination but it is very tough. One would go to Ayodhya and bow his head to idol of Sita but one does not understand the greatness of great Muktas and Maharaj sitting here. When one has faith in incarnation and His Mukta but one does not have a little faith on other Paroksha deities should be known as firm determination. Continuing his talk he said, formerly some seers have written scriptures. They have written in Tam attribute that if Shudra (lower caste person) over hears Vedas, hot liquid of lead should be poured in his ears, and if celibate falls from his vows, a one-eyed donkey should be killed and he should be made to wear its skin and should beg, such repentance is given. But it is not practical. Then looking at the assembly he asked the audience to wake up otherwise sleep will hear and you will not be allowed to hear. Sleep can take hold of this God and this saint who are sitting here. Then Bapashri told saint if you show God and saint, you are real saint. Then saint said this is Maharaj and this is saint. Then Bapashri said that they were right. I cannot deny that this idol is Maharaj Himself and this assembly is saint. Therefore, you are saint with thirty two characteristics. Then he said if it is eight o’clock let us finish it. But if we finish it before eight o’clock we are guilty of Maharaj, therefore, it should not be finished before eight. Giving such command, the talk was completed. || 196 ||