Bapasri, showing his favour, said, “Five morals (vartaman) should be observed firmly. What kind of ignorance it is- if it is not observed. If vartaman is violated it will be a fault. If one keeps unworthiness in jiva Maharaj does not tolerate. Maharaj has said that niskami (desireless) vartaman should not be disregarded. If some one disregards, I feel so bad in the same way as an infertile couple gets a son and dies. In Kaliyug there is much force of passion. It has discredited great personalities and even Brahma. This time is worse than that. But if one becomes alert, he will be protected by Maharaj who makes its force infective- today we have got true protector. The snake charmer has got ready to catch with pincers but jiva is shameless so what to do about it? In such adverse time, the one who is ready to sacrifice has really understood satsang. We all have to behave according to Siksapatri. If someone advises to behave a little liberally and if he does not behave according to commands, do not trust him- if we start doing, Maharaj and muktas join us in help. Nature of jiva is such that instead of eating jaggery it eats oil cakes- do not do like that. Devotee of God should strictly behave as per the commands of God- there is no way out.” Then Bapasri said, “Maharaj’s Anadi muktas should be considered equal to Maharaj but by understanding the master-servant relationship. Maharaj gives happiness to all. Muktas enjoy happiness but they do not feel saturated. There is boundless supernatural happiness in Murti. What simile should I give it? Just as the one who has become very happy, does not understand suffering of misery. Similarly, the one who has divine bliss of Maharaj’ Murti, will have no value of any happiness of this world. The bliss of Murti is limitless. Just as rivers flood, the sea becomes stormy- it is like thus. Maharaj said that when He was in the womb of mother, He used to see Murti and today also He sees it. Similarly, activities of great Anadis may appear like the activities of human beings but for them there is nothing else excepting Murti. Activities of Anadi muktas and Sriji Maharaj are supernatural. Such Anadis can be recognised by remaining in association with them. See their routine, liking, principle, know their opinion, see their activities- they all are according to the commands of Maharaj, but they do nothing contrary to the commands and will not allow others to do. How much time will it take if sovereign wishes to give his kingdom to someone else? Similarly, muktas take that much time in giving happiness. Therefore, try to please very much such muktas. Great muktas never forget us but if we have disliking for them, they forget us. Muktas do not tell anyone, neither put any efforts but Maharaj and infinite muktas are there where they are, so all are attracted. If we lead our tendency to great muktas, they will lead our tendency up to Maharaj.” Ganapatbhai of Lakhtar said to Bapasri that Maharaj gives him darsan in the mass of luminescence and sometimes smiles at him but does not speak with him– what to say about it?” “Then I told him to remember Murti in the same way, do meditation but do not desire about speaking or something else. Because by desiring, it is called fruit bearing feeling. Then he understood and Maharaj also fulfilled his wishes. Jiva cannot know the capacity of Sriji Maharaj’s great muktas or their state because Swami Nirgundasji used to say often that Bava sits inside so for us only Murti sits inside- always be aware about it. Words of muktas also make us remember God. A saint started giving me a pair of charanarvind of Maharaj and told me to be pleased with him. Then I told him that charanarvind of Sriji Maharaj is in my jiva, so I asked him to keep them with him. We should know that everything is together with Murti.” || 94 ||