On the morning of Kartak Vad 1st at around 4.00 o’clock Bapasri was sitting on a cot after having bath and performing puja. Saints and devotees were attending him. At that time Bapasri, showing his favour, said, “Nobody gets such service. Only you have got this service and this thing. Nobody is as fortunate as you. This service is divine. There may be many who are fat, strong and able to walk thirty to forty miles; there also may be some who can arrange festivals, samaiya and yajna on a vast scale; but, all other activities without this service are vachyartha. If it is laksyartha, why would Sriji Maharaj leave that place and go for seclusion after arranging chorasi at Kankariya? Therefore, there is no peace in karya. Sriji Maharaj got peace only when He went to Ganes Dholaka and lived there in seclusion. Peace is in Murti only; nowhere else. Therefore, we should remain constantly attached to Murti. We are concerned with Murti only which is the quintessence. You are rendering service only because you have known that quintessence. ‘Tame chho karan na karan jivan janun chhun.’ (I know that You are the cause of all the causes). Both Maharaj and muktas are the cause.” Then Bapasri praised Asabhai saiying, “Just as Rajabhai was the servant of Parvatbhai, similarly this is my Rajabhai.”

Swami Vrndavandasji asked, “When our atma dwells in Murti then Sriji Maharaj becomes operator of our body. Then even if someone prostrates before us, he actually prostrates before Maharaj; not before us. So how can we ask him not to prostrate further?” Bapasri replied, “Once when I had gone to Gadhada, there a sadhu who was in-charge of the store was sitting in his seat. There there came another sadhu who began prostrating before the in-charge sadhu. He continued prostrating till he got exhausted but the in-charge sadhu did not ask him to stop. At last the sadhu stopped prostrating, out of exhaustion. We should ask to stop to one who prostrates before us. When any one prostrates before us, we should not give up the tradition of requesting him to stop prostrating. Remain engrossed in Murti. No spiritual means is as good as this service and association of mine. Only those who are very fortunate get this service.” Saying so Bapasri put his hand on the head of every one and said, “When you will leave, where would we get such saints? In none of the cosmoses there are saints like you.” Thus, he showed his much pleasure on the saints. || 12 ||