On noon Fagan Vad 7th, Swami Vrundavandasji said, “Has illusion (maya) affected the Jiva from outside or it has entered inside and submerged with it?” Bapashri replied, “Just as the mirror is spoiled by soot and just as the sun is covered by clouds, similarly illusion has covered the Jiva from outside but it has not gone inside.” When one sees no difference between men and women in the sense of gender i.e. he recognises them as a soul, he sees no difference between village and town, between salty, saltless, sweet and sour, etc. and the tastes of tongue are no more. Jiva separates itself from the causal body. Then all beliefs are abandoned when all our beliefs are abandoned up to Prakruti-Purush, sprout gets burnt and (the chance of rebirth does not remain) there is no rebirth. Therefore, avoiding all the belief, we should offer our causal body to brahm-agni i.e. our soul as a sacrament- it means tendency of our senses which are spread in illusive (mayik) objects, should be brought back to brahm-agni i.e. our soul, and tendency should be made worthy of our soul. We should see our soul as luminescence and in it we should see Maharaj’s Murti. Thus by constant meditation causal body gets burnt and illusion is destroyed. We should merge our soul in the luminescence of Maharaj’s Murti and in it we should see Maharaj’s Murti. This practice should be always carried on but should not join in mundane activity.

A devotee used to see Maharaj’s Murti in his soul but during his involvement in activities of festival Murti and soul stopped appearing. Then that devotee told Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami about it. Swami told him to go to our guru Gopalanand Swami who is capable. Pray to him and by his grace you will see Murti and soul. The devotee prayed to Gopalanand Swami and Swami blessed him and told him to meditate and he will see. Then he started seeing Maharaj and soul again.

Then again Swami asked, “when there is disturbance in the soul, it comes in the dream and if not, it does not. Dreams of disturbance come but dreams of God do not come- whether is God there in soul or not?” Bapashri replied, “Illusion is the main factor for jiva so illusive disturbance comes in dream. When one becomes form of Shri Purushottam by constant worship, illusion gets avoided and Maharaj becomes main. The means for it is to obey properly commands of Shriji Maharaj and Upasna of Supreme being should be made firm. With the help of both these means one becomes the form of Shri Purushottam. Such firm knowledge can be received in association with Anadi Muktas. Then only enjoyment of happiness becomes more and more.” || 68 ||