In the afternoon of Jeth Sud 4th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He gave an example of a bridegroom. When he goes for the marriage ceremony at his father in laws place, he would dine and play there and at the time of hastamelap (marriage ceremony) he would go at the place where monkey’s play. The same is the case with Jiva. To realize Mahaprabhuji he goes in satsang and at the time of meditation he gets involved in worldly affairs and does not pay attention on meditation. It is like above example.Therefore, one should examine what he has to achieve. What a big achievement we have! So we should meditate on Murti and put aside all other things. We should not feel proud of knowledge of scriptures and worldly affairs and also realization of Murti. Pride is detrimental. It is difficult to give it up. If it is given up the attachment of body will not be there. The service of a proud man is like eating kodra (kind of very low quality and cheap grain- available during famine). In case one gives up pride he will become proud with the feeling that he is not having pride and he is humble. That pride also spoils Jiva. If one is proud of religion, knowledge, renunciation, devotion, penance, forsaking, self-confidence, self realization, service, puja, meditation, worship, etc, it will not allow you to become Ekantik , therefore all these should be discarded. Keep only Murti. If one wants to be one with Murti he should give up every thing except Murti. One should carry on understanding greatness, humbleness, devotion, acquiring knowledge, renunciation, etc.- they should not be given up. If he feels proud of these qualities and feels that he is Brahm (form of God), this means he has turned back from Murti. To realize Mahaprabhuji’s Murti is not an ordinary task. Therefore, we should be very careful. Every thing except Murti should be forgotten. To realize Murti we should imbibe aforesaid virtues but once Murti is realized thereafter one should not care for virtues which are means for achievement. One should see only Murti. (We should keep concentration on Murti only). Just as for getting water from well, we collect various instruments and once when water starts flowing all instruments are left aside. Mulji and Krushnaji of village Mankuva tolerated all insults from public and came to Maharaj wearing saffron clothes. Here also Maharaj insulted and hated them and drove them away. No body speaks with them nor anyone would give them food even after begging-such type of arrangements were made. They were taken as averse to the Swaminarayan sect, so they were insulted-even then they tolerated it and did not leave Maharaj – with such understanding one is called Mukta. If such perfect devotee is kept as an administrator in the temple, he will not allow satsang to be spoiled. If there are no such virtues and if he is insulted or his salary is cut and if anything goes against his wish or there is any other kind of self is there like greed etc, he will commit fraud for this purpose. He may be renunciant or house-holder but he will disgrace and defame satsang by acting against the principle of the satsang. Therefore if thorough devotees are kept, they will do good work. Shriji Maharaj has said that Dharamakul is innocent therefore no work should be allowed to be done as per the wish of only one person. The one who does work as told by one person will bring misery and command of Shriji Maharaj will be violated. Those who want to go on the path of salvation should always follow command of Shriji Maharaj. We have done satsang to please Maharaj how He will be pleased- He will be pleased if His commands are strictly obeyed even if there is danger of losing life. Those who realize religion, knowledge, renunciation, devotion will become very happy. The renunciant should always follow Dharmamrut. Words of Shriji should never be differed. Formerly there were great saints who did not see any difference between jad (inanimate) maya (material objects) and chaitanya (animate) maya (a woman). It means they were strictly following the principles and keeping themselves away from these. If there was any mistake in any one by nature, it was corrected by discussing with one another. The weaver-bird made a mistake of advising the monkey. The monkey destroyed the nest of the weaver bird. Similarly if anyone takes the risk of advising some one, he will be beaten. There are some saints who do not tolerate the greatness of others behaving as per religion. It has become so worst that it will be good if you make improvement by the time there are great religious saints like you. Some have even started farming. It will be advisable if big saints of Amdavad, Gadhada, Muli, Vartal, Junagadh, etc. do some thing so that all follow Dharmamrut scripture. People make reforms in their casts; similarly saints like you come together and make reforms in satsang, otherwise it will spoil more. || 41 ||