On the morning of Fagan Sud 6th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “The bliss of Swaminarayan is useful to him who takes it; not to others. Just as there are millions of rupees in the father’s house but the child has no knowledge of it. Similarly he who has understood the bliss of Shriji Maharaj will not think of keeping the person who wants to go in that bliss. Therefore when we remember devotees of God who have gone to Akshardham, we should remember them with the feelings that they were becoming useful in worshiping God but should not remember them with the feelings that they were becoming useful in worldly affairs. Great saints used to live in forest by renouncing inanimate maya (wealth) and animate maya (woman) with a view to get such supreme bliss. They used to wear leaves of teakwood and eat flour added with water, whereas today saints think that the taste of food will change lest there be more water added in bowls-it is big defect. When anybody of this world dies, there will be loud crying but if they think of greatness of Shriji Maharaj, there will be no sorrow and no thoughts of material world. Therefore one should think of stopping worldly thoughts and always perform Brahmyagna. If thoughts occur fine should be paid according to Dharmamrut and even if they occur to householders, they should pay fine according to Dharmashashtra, but should not be disappointed because one cannot be happy without paying fine. Therefore, love should be developed for Maharaj and should keep only Maharaj and saints.” || 130 ||