On the day of Ashadh Vad 1st at the house of Bapasri Valba, Kanba and Premba of Rampur, Amarba of Narayanpur, Amarba of Meghpur, etc. ladies were crying in grief. At that time Mūrti of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri was at their house, Bapasri gave darsan in the human form from Mūrti as he was and asked why they were crying and added that he was always there and in grief they have forgotten to feed him for the last thirteen days. He asked them to bring thal so he could eat. Premba prepared thal and gave it to Bapasri. After finishing meals Bapasri said that his hunger was satiated. Then Bapasri added that the big work had been taken in hand and that is to be done by him. So, why they should worry? Thus coming out of Mūrti, Bapasri freed them from grief. || 107 ||