At night, the Vachanamrt was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that a renunciant should not be tempted by wealth and woman. On this topic, saints were discussing among themselves. Then Bapasri showing his favour asked saints, “Remain in satsang in such a way that you are recognised. Let your gain of association in satsang get proper acknowledgement, but be careful that people do not view your gain from inanimate perspective. Whenever anyone gets detached from us, I feel very much because of the feeling that his salvation will get spoiled- such is my viewpoint. Do not get disheartened in such opportunity in spite of hurdles. Only very fortunate get such opportunity. Whatever I say, I say it for your good. Just as the king mourns the death of his son, similarly we should feel sorry when we are separated from Murti. The life is very short and even during this period if one gets attached at his last moment, he will get ultimate liberation. When our Brahmachari Nirgunanandji told me to go my home, I asked which was that home? He said, it is Murti. Then I said, “Let us go and in the meanwhile he got attached to Murti. On the other hand, some do not recognise even the jagrt, swapna and susupti (awakening, dream and subconscious states) so how can they recognise the real home? After getting attached to Murti, one should not care for physical body and always remain in such state, one may get happiness or unhappiness but he should not have disliking for anyone. Unless we know the state of someone, we may doubt his bonafides. In Samvat year 1920, I went to meet Dharma Dhurandhar Acharya Sri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj. In the city, I saw brinjal and asked the seller, what it was. The seller laughed at me and asked where I had come from; but he failed to know my spiritual state. ‘Dardini vato dardida jane bedardine sun bhanie’ (the patient knows the suffering of the other patient but the healthy would not know). This is naimisaranya ksetra where it is easy to get attached to Murti. This is called experiential knowledge- when it is achieved one can get attached to Murti, such experiential knowledge is called the knowledge of Lord Purusottam himself. Making false Aksar, etc. is not called such knowledge. Therefore, one should realise experiential knowledge and get engrossed in Murti. If the householder follows his dharma (duty), it is said that he has lived in house by obeying commands. He has been given that responsibility. On this point Maharaj took the name of Muktanand Swami and gave an example saying that such person lives or does not live, it does not make any difference to him. In this intense Kaliyug, we want to establish Satyug so we have to remain alert because nowadays siddhis are becoming powerful. People honour us with polite words, brother, please come! Swami please come! Our main duty is to look constantly at Murti, which is the fruit of all means. What is the capacity of jiva! We do not even become like pillar and a tree then what have we done? Great saints used to sit under the trees of khijada, rayana, neem and used to talk and the trees used to smile and gained something from talks. Even insensible things like trees took the advantage whereas we human beings could not do that much. Can trees get such benefit even if they do penance for billions of years? Ramjibhai knew the secret of the trees –we should do like that and get constantly attached to Murti.” Then Bapasri told a devotee, “If you look at the state of great muktas, think where you stand? The time and opportunity is good. So get it done. Do not throw a stone without knowing-looking. He has not known the state and virtues even though, he insults- do not do like this. Get attached to Murti in all the three states and while doing this activity see that what is the wish of Maharaj. Great renunciants like Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami are there in this assembly. Their power has been withheld by Maharaj. Do not waste time. You will not get such time and such muktas. Keep the same feeling for these muktas. Maharaj has said, “Unless this and this luminous form has not been seen by me, my ultimate liberation has not been achieved- if he has such understanding do not listen to him.” such words should be remembered thoroughly. We sit together, do katha-varta, – know that this is all divine. When such memory becomes powerful, tendency becomes red (strong) then the tendency becomes luminous divine. So, jets of luminescence emit and will be seen and when Murti is seen luminescent, then know that one is fulfilled. This time is good but the resolution of jiva is extrovert. Saints said we have to see nothing else- only we have to see happiness of Murti. Bapasri said the one who constantly practices looking at Murti, should try to reduce objects of five senses (word, touch, beauty, taste, smell). If polluted Sattvaguna is achieved, muktas will be displeased because then reverence for muktas will be violated and favour of Maharaj and muktas will not be had. Senses should be controlled otherwise they will become strong and will make us fast often. Today we have got good saints and good time. We should be thorough in rules and regulation of satsang. Then the example of Dada Khachar and Zinabhai was given- how Maharaj was pleased by them! The talk of that love is unique. When there was samaiya of holi, Maharaj said let us meet. There Ratna Bhakta met Maharaj and prostrated before Him. His nail was long and it injured Maharaj and started bleeding. Even then, Maharaj said since he is the brother of Rambai, he is My brother as well- such is the talk of love. What kind of technique should be learnt for meditation? It should be like this- doer of movement and doer of activity is Maharaj– he himself should take happiness by dwelling in Murti such technique should be learnt.”

Then Bapasri said, “Today Maharaj has much mercy on saints and devotees. We householders sometimes have hundred thousand of rupees and sometimes we have nothing. All days cannot be equal. Maharaj says that even if the whole satsang becomes barren I have no objection. The devotee of God needs only God. We should have joy and needs self-exaltation. If one really becomes introvert, he should look at Murti till tears rolled down cheeks- it is said that Murti has been looked at. What is the capacity of jiva that it can know the wish of Maharaj and great muktas! Therefore, keep constant memory. To elaborate the point Bapasri said while doing any activity or seva, one should be cautious to know what the wish of Maharaj is in it. We have got everything provided we know how to grasp. May be sitting together doing katha-varta but the real purpose is not grasped. Great saints like Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami used to sit with all but their power was withheld, so their greatness was not known to others. Thus, Maharaj withheld powers of all. Great Anadis know all these but do not disclose it because many cannot digest it. Our duty is to liberate even the meanest jiva. We should not despise anyone in satsang even if he has behaved improperly because non-violence is our religion (dharma). Many may say whether they like and behave as they want but we should have the sympathy for them and pray for them that they do not become guilty of Mahaprabhuji. Even for me some may speak adversely. All know me other than what I am but we should remain silent. This world is full of misery. Irreligious person rains fire and in association with such sinful person fire is rained. If they are not recognised, the jiva will suffer. The authority will be for a short while and during this period, if one is not alert, wealth and woman will be cause of unhappiness. You have given up both these things. If one of it enters in us, it will be cause of suffering. You have taken vows of remaining aloof from both. I am not scolding you. But all should remain alert. If one dives in river, he will not remain dry. We have got such opportunity that all our senses have become cool and make them contemplate God. While meditating and doing rosary one cannot come out of Murti. To make our tendency draw towards Murti we should think only of Lord Purusottam and His Anadis so that nothing else will be liked and make us full of joy. Maharaj says that illness should be so serious that the tendency does not remain in any object of this world. We all should do that means by which we all become happy in the happiness of Murti. That means is very powerful. Only very fortunate gets Murti. Keep constant tendency in that Murti. It is very big thing to join constantly in His commands. For that purpose, all should remain together amicably. Maharaj says that when you meet the saint who has met God, you will get salvation. Those who are not separated at all from Murti are called having met God. Such saints we have got even then we have faith on means. We should keep that path closed from where our vrtti may be drawn in taste. We should take the path of Murti. How can we know the state of muktas! Muktas never stay out of Murti. All those, on whom their sight fall will get salvation. Those who have come in contact with them will have self-exaltation. Therefore, always need the help of muktas. Never lie in any place. If you become a customer of Murti, you will get It; but after fixing the price of it and then run away, it will be useless. Muktas love those devotees as they love their body and their life even then such devotees find fault with them and run away from them– what can be done for such devotees? Therefore, all of you be alert. We have to do good of every one. Jiva is involved more and more in rajoguna and tamoguna attributes whereas muktas are concerned with only Murti. They are engrossed in Murti. Luminescence emits like jet from that Murti- saints who are cool, quiet, happy and joyful are happy in the happiness of Murti. Therefore, we should be the customer of Murti. We may do many means but that will take us up to Aksardham even then he is not fulfilled. While doing any activity never be separated from Murti. If you are separated, you will not get success in satsang. Keep your eyes at death.” || 48 ||