On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 8th Swami Balkrushnadasji of Muli asked a question, “A saint meditates and during meditation he starts crying. How to understand that?” Bapashri replied, “The nature of that saint is to see flaws in others so he did not have the bliss of Shriji Maharaj formerly and at present it is not there too. He cries because he sees supernatural powers at distance and then they become invisible and to get them he cries. The one who sees Murti or bliss of Maharaj will get very much joy and if it is invisible, it will not make him cry, and the thing which makes cry should be known as maya. Therefore, those who have not met Muktas and have no contact with them will face many hurdles on the path of meditation and even if supernatural powers and miracles are seen, he will not be able to recognize them. And when Muktas meet us they will prevent hurdles and make us worthy by giving knowledge and make us meditate and thereby Murti is realized, therefore, we should come in contact with Muktas so that we become worthy. In this world, it is easy to identify devotees who are seekers but it is difficult to identify realized Muktas. For an example, a person is very rich by birth and his treasure is full. He may not be doing any work so he is unknown outwardly whereas on the other hand a person is doing much work. He has shops in big cities his fame seems much. Similarly a devotee does much jap (repetition of a mantra), penance, seva (service), meditation and reads scriptures, sings devotional songs, etc. On seeing him we will think that he is occupied round the clock worshiping God. Thus his efforts become public. Whereas on the other hand realized Muktas enjoy Murti and are engrossed in the bliss of Murti and since they are immersed in Murti they do not seem to be doing much of katha-varta, jap, penance, etc. so how they can be known. Therefore, Muktas are difficult to be recognised. If a person having no perfect knowledge sees some one in trance, he will be surprised very much. In case the wind in the form of objects of enjoyment blows against trance, the state of trance will be blown out. The passion brings back from the bliss of Brahm in trance. The feeling of getting reward in trance is harmful. Therefore, the constant memory of God is better than trance, and getting engrossed in Murti is better than the best. The person doing trance is sakam (one who expects the reward), wheresas the person having constant memory has no expectation for reward. We should not hear the speech of him who wishes to see divine assembly different from this assembly. There is happiness, brightness and coolness in this assembly. As a result of this the devotee named Laxman of Sukhpur became extremely joyful, and forgot his self just as Gopis started saying, “Buy Krishna, buy Krishna.” || 14 ||