Bapasri showing his favour, said, “The one who wants to join constantly in Murti should know that let anything happen to this body. The body may become happy or unhappy but what of it! We should behave in such a way that we do not develop dislike for anyone. Wherever Maharaj and muktas tread, that place should be known as naimisaranya. Tendency will become steady there. As one goes on getting attached to Murti, experiential knowledge comes by and by. The householder and the renunciant have to do that only. If we establish Satyug in Kaliyug joy will always prevail and it will remain bountiful. Infinite muktas take happiness in Murti and they all have Maharaj’s endless happiness. In the view of seekers, there is coming and going but in the view of the realised, there is nothing like coming and going. Jiva has to do means for pleasing and diligence is also required. What is the diligence? It means one has real faith in the words of Maharaj and muktas. If they say it is day, it is day and if they say it is night, it is night. Anadi Mukta Gopalanand Swami wakened his saint at mid night and asked whether it was night or day- his saint replied if he said it was night, it was night, and if it was day, it was day. If there is such faith, then he has known the greatness. One should not get done any thing of his liking from muktas. Close your eyes, it is dark and when open it is light- the time is that much only. paroksa’s (not manifest) scriptures have been found by Vairaj but we need Swaminarayana. Aj means Anadi; they are not affected by maya. Anadi muktas draw jiva while dwelling in Murti. They draw it by their favour. One should not get done what he wishes from muktas and Maharaj. We should do as we are told to do by them– it means mind has been surrendered. Wherever you look, muktas are there but that much faith is not there. ‘Suna sarve lok chade mari najre’ (all realms are blank– they come in my sight). Similarly, is there anything in the sight of Anadi? There is nothing. We have come in naimisaranya– will faults remain? They will become ineffective. Whatever you sow here, it will grow– if you commit guilt, guilt will grow and if you do service, service will grow. We should sacrifice our body in the words of muktas. There is rajoguna and tamoguna attributes in paroksa activity but here in this naimisaranya there is nothing of it. The one, who knows God and muktas as human being, finds faults in God and muktas. By such fault, jiva gets rebirth. Jiva believes joy in body because of its beauty but there is no joy; there is only misery. If there is no thought mind will wander leaving such assembly so do not leave this assembly and Murti. We should keep only Swaminarayana having tassel in His turban. If He is with us, everything is with us. We have only this business- do not do any other business. When experiential knowledge is realised there will not be any hurdle. Brahma and Narad had no such achievement. The power of today is very great. Brahma, Visnu and Siva carry on their work together. Maharaj is the emperor of infinite cosmoses. If such knowledge is truly realised, those will appear to be beggar. There are many obstructions while going to the house of Swaminarayana. If those obstructions are not known, he will get bound somewhere. Just see! Siva, Brahma, Narad, Sanak, etc. got bound. Is it called a state? Then Bapasri said about Brahmachari Nirgunanandji’s end of corporal state (death). Can you find any such saint from twenty-four temples! A devotee of God should remain alert. We should associate such saints, have his darsan, but when anyone says something about their faults, we should not listen to it. The one, who discards wealth and woman is called preceptor (guru). How can we call him preceptor if his characteristics are not fit for preceptor? The one, who is like Bhimsen is not preceptor. Preceptor is that who is eternal. If he comes in between, he is not preceptor. We should follow the path of eternity. Eternal means Anadi- the one who has come from Aksardham and Murti. Saint means having virtues of a saint. God is present in satsang. In the opinion of sinner and irreligious person, Maharaj is not there. They understand that He was formerly there. So, they do not follow the norms of satsang. Why have such persons become saint? The one who has met God Himself meditates, does service, performs mental worship five times and thus does not get separated from Murti. The association, service and darsan of such saint are worth doing. But the one who does not have understanding of greatness should be understood as having low intellect. Sweet fragrance rises from Lord Purusottam Narayana’s Murti. That fragrance draws muktas and makes them engrossed in Murti- it is experiential knowledge. Until we have got this knowledge of Lord Purusottam Narayana, we grope in the dark. There is everything at the house of Lord Swaminarayana. Maharaj says that you will become as great as you consider the greatness of my saints’ and mine. Maharaj has put two conditions: (1) there should not be any other feeling than that of divine feeling for Aksardham (2) for Murti there should not be any feeling such as that it is made of metal or stone. Mine is only one principle, which cannot be changed even if you do anything contrary to it. If we do not consider muktas with anyone of the above, where will the one having understanding look for? Maharaj has called this assembly as the door of Aksardham. The fulfilment will come only when there is realised experiential knowledge and when we get attached to Murti.” || 49 ||