On the day of Bhadarva Vad 3rd, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in assembly. He said, “In the miracles of Bhakta Chintamani it has been written that Zinabhai was seen in Shwetdwip. What is the reason of it?” Bapashri replied, “Shwet means luminescence and dwip means mass i. e. mass of luminescence which is Akshardham- he was seen in it, it is said so. But one should not understand that he was seen in Shwetdwip which is oblique. Vedas are also sermons of such Muktas. These Muktas are the Vedas of Shriji Maharaj and the words coming out of their mouth should be considered as Vedas. Vedas came out of the mouth of Vairaj are of this world. In it, the upasana (worship) of one who is above Mul-Purush is not stated. This Vedas are form of Shriji Maharaj’s Muktas. They explain the upasana (worship) of Shriji Maharaj and make us realize Shriji Maharaj. Similarly, Muktas inspire us to do karma and attain knowledge related to Shriji Maharaj. These are Vedas of Akshardham (other world). This point must be understood. Some saints who have not understood the worship (upasana) of Maharaj do not come out of Vairaj or Pradhan-Purush or Prakruti-Purush when they talk in assembly. They are confused in it. The four kinds of speech viz. Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama, and Vaikhari and oblique (paroksha) scriptures, they are all in kshar (destructible) i. e. in illusion (maya) – therefore Ekantik needs nothing. The fortune of our body is also Shriji Maharaj Himself. There is nothing anything else except Maharaj’s Murti- we should believe that way. If worship (upasana) is firm, five means which are told in the 11th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur will be realized and Shriji Maharaj will be pleased and one will become like Shriji Maharaj. Today even if five means are not realized and state of tranquillity (upsham) has not been made firm, but if rules are observed with physical body, his liberation is in our hands.”

Then again, Swami asked, “Which rules of conduct are to be understood?” Bapashri replied, “One should observe rules of conduct according to Shikshaptri, Nishkamshuddhi and Dharmamrut and should act according to the commands of those scriptures. But what will ripen in the farm if the protective boundary devours it? Crops will be ruined. Muktas will be pleased if we obey command and act according to Mukta’s advice; but Jiva even can not do that and does as per its own wish. Several do jap (chanting of mantra), penance, for the whole life but do not achieve their goal, and remain without any gain. But if one does as per the advice of great Muktas they will be pleased. When Muktas say do not do this, he will do it and when they say do this, he will not do it -so they will not be pleased. Therefore means should be for their pleasure. I am very much interested in getting commands obeyed and make the devotee pure. He will only be happy if commands are obeyed properly. After joining this sect if he is fascinated by woman and wealth, he is hated by people and will spoil his own self as well others. Strayed cattle are tied with bells by people and they jiggle and make rattling sound. Therefore do not behave like strayed cattle. Some keep wealth and spoil themselves by association with illusion (maya). In this satsang there are ashtasiddhi (8-kinds of supernatural powers) and navniddhi (9-treasures of kuber- God of wealth). Both these tempt devotees. He keeps sin in the form of wealth. Shriji has written in the Dharmamrut that keeping wealth is a sin. If saint goes on a pilgrimage he should be given the ticket after making it sure but if it comes to our notice that he takes from many, the ticket should also be not given. The saint should do the pilgrimage of only those places which are sanctified by Shriji Maharaj. A brahmin had gone to the farm to perform rituals for his yajman (host). He had sent his son secretly to collect brinjals in the farm and he started to perform rituals. The son’s head was seen so the brahmin cautioned his son in his special language. ‘Chhaiya! aarke aarke kesh farke, yajman barke; do toyra do moyra, do gori gayra, do tori mayra.’ The saint should never do like this. The wealth is like a cobra and if one sleeps with it, it will bite; therefore act according to the commands of Maharaj so Maharaj will be pleased. By violating His commands, one is committing sins and nothing is going to be gained by committing sin. These sins should be thrown away. Dhotis should be handed over to the storekeeper of the temple for the use of God’s worship and should keep Murti. If he remembers that sin, it will be harmful so henceforth it should not be remembered. Take the Murti of Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj with two arms is present here, who can gauge the greatness of Anadi Muktas and Maharaj. How can one who has bodily feeling gauge their greatness? Therefore when you give up the bodily feeling and be separate from the body and then only everything will be explained and will be shown. He advised devotees to say Hare, Hare at the time of listening katha (discourse).

Then again Swami said, “Please show the favour so that Murti of Maharaj always remains with me.” Bapashri said, “Here is the Murti. It is not the fault of Murti but it is fault of the one who takes Murti. Therefore, it neither understood nor seen.

Then again, Swami asked, “What is the remedy for it?” Bapashri replied, “If there is oneness with Maharaj and Muktas, Murti is always there in this assembly but oneness with Maharaj and Muktas is very difficult. It is day time now but in case if I say it is night will it be believed or not? If it is believed, it should be known that there is oneness. Even if there is trust, there may not be oneness. If there is oneness he will do as told. || 102 ||