On the morning of Kartak Vad 3rd, the Vachanamrt was being read in the temple of Narayanapur.

Bapasri asked the saints, “Have you known Nyalkarana?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji replied, “Yes. Maharaj is Nyalkarana.” Then Bapasri praisingly said, “Bravo! Just as great Sadguru Sri Gopalanand Swami is, so great is Swami Nirgundasji who was my guru. That guru got me this Iswarbva. There were others but they did not even obey Nirgundasji Swami.” Then holding the hand of Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Bapasri said, “Swami, you obliged me by coming to Kutch. Nowhere in the entire cosmos there is a saint like you. Darsan of a saint like you is rare to have. If one remembers a saint like you, one will automatically have remembrance of Murti. You have obliged me. You have fulfilled my ambitions. I am not concerned with others. But alas! Now within four days we will have to get separated.” Then the saints requested, “Bapa! Please do not let our separation from you rise. Please, always give such darsan to us.” Bapasri said, “All right, go on doing such katha-varta.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said to Bapasri, “Please be with us and make us do katha-varta and get us associated in the bliss of Murti by your mercy.” Bapasri said, “O.K. Grace of a mukta is a must. Without their grace nothing can be done. To know Lord Swaminarayana and His muktas is very difficult. They cannot be known on our own. How merciful Lord Swaminarayana is! How great these saints are! How great this achievement is! This achievement is very great. Now we have two or three days to stay together; so what should we do? We should live in such a way that we feel to be always together and we never feel to have got separated. All those present here are the personified forms of Brahma provided we understand such greatness.” Then Bapasri said to Devrajbhai, “How great these saints are! We have to realise them. We can recongnise such saints only when great muktas reveal their greatness to us. If they are not recognised, nothing would be achieved; and if they are recognised, nothing remains unachieved. How great Swami Nirgundasji was! How great Swami Harinarayandasji was! So great as if they were personified forms of Brahma!” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “If you enter in someone, he will become like you.” Bapasri said to the two sadgurus, “As you made Devrajbhai recover from illness, i.e., as you made him understand the sense of divinity I am pleased.” Then Devrajbhai prayed to Bapasri, “Please forgive me for my mistake. These saints have saved me by showing much mercy on me and made me recognise you and understand the greatness of yours. Now please always keep me with you.” Saying to Devrajbhai, “You are always with me”, with much gladness Bapasri garlanded him and put his hands on his head; and asked the saints to put their hands on his head. Then all the saints put their hands on his head; so Devrajbhai became much pleased and prostrated before all the saints. Similarly, Khimjibhai also prayed to the saints and got his mistake forgiven. Then Bapasri advised them both to ever maintain such divine feeling. Then Bapasri said, “I do not say for showing my greatness. I am mere a servant of all. I advise you so that you might benefit. Please recognise Maharaj and such saints and always maintain divine feeling.” || 14 ||