In the night assembly talk about means of pleasing was going on. Bapasri, showing his favour, said, “All means are beneficial. But, if one knows that there is no happiness without getting attached to Murti, then only faults will be done away with. The one who has proper knowledge of greatness of Maharaj gets much happiness. All other things excepting Murti are mayik forms. This means all other things excepting the two things viz. Lord Purusottam and His muktas are illusive forms. ‘Muj vina janjo re bija mayik sau akar’ (know that every thing else excepting Me are illusive forms). Today Maharaj and great muktas are realised by their mercy- such firm determination one should keep. The talk of determination is complex. If someone shows miracles one would go after him and he will fall in deep pit i.e. passion, anger, greed- he will become victim of them. You have worn Lord’s Chundadi (a smaller saffron coloured outer garment) but if you are attracted to kala, karma (deeds), and maya, it will be a defect. The happiness lies only in Murti. If jiva strives for mayik objects and for miracles, it is said to be defect in determination. Just as iron is attracted to magnet, similarly if the determination is matured he will be drawn in Murti. The one who has such firm determination will not be influenced by anyone. If even Brahma comes and appears in the form of Maharaj, he will not be attracted. If one has such determination that great saints Swarupanand Swami etc. are sitting and I am there, this assembly is of Aksardham, we are sitting right in the middle of Aksardham, this idol is the same Murti which is in Aksardham itself, the realised happiness will come. ‘Narnarayana divya Murti santanko visram’ (the divine Murti of Narnarayana is the resting place of saints). This means the human form is the divine Murti Sriji Maharaj and the resting place of saints means mukta whom Maharaj gives happiness keeping them in Murti should be realised- then only happiness will come.”

“Unless there is matured determination for Maharaj the childish nature is not avoided. Therefore if one knows Maharaj and His muktas and associates with them by mind, deeds and words, he will really become old from child and other stages in between will not come. We have to do so much for the body and relatives but if the determination is matured, it will not be necessary by keeping God aside.” After saying so to the devotees Bapasri told the saints, “Please talk. I am talking without caring for link. It is just like having no value of the great person within his own circle. Nowadays the rivers of betrayal flow, the devotee of God should protect himself against it. No one should be deceived by a false conception and should not imbibe faults by false conception to anyone. Saints are putting efforts for us. Therefore, we should not keep pride of passion, anger, young age, kingdom, wealth, etc. There is happiness in eating from our own income and earning by self. Saints go from place to place by taking their own tiffin for the purpose of liberating jivas, to put us on the right path when we have forgotten that path, so we should remain faithful to them. Status, authority will be of no use. ‘Das Tamara dasno mane rakho nath hajur’ (I request Maharaj to keep me as an attendant of Your servant’s servant- we should remain thus). The devotees of this place have taken much trouble so such mukta has come of his own to give darsan. Then Lalubhai said, “Bapa! It is because of you and your mercy- it is our great fortune. Saints of Muli and Amdavad have come –they also take the benefit of your mercy.” Bapasri said, “Benefit i.e. salvation is at the door of Swaminarayana, nowhere else. If there is any shortcoming in such determination means defect in understanding greatness and that defect will not lead to faith. If there is faith, love-oriented devotion will come. ‘Pativratano dharma achal kari paljo’ (obey unchangeable duty as faithful wife). The faithful wife is called when one obeys whatever commands are given. By taking oath of vartaman one is betrothed means one has worn Chundadi of God. Now if commands are properly obeyed, one can marry but if one behaves as one likes, where the question of remaining faithful to husband is! Our fate is Sriji Maharaj. Just, as the fate of children is their parents. Similarly, our fate is Sriji Maharaj. Just as children are guarded against fire, water, etc, similarly, we are guarded against kala, deeds, maya, etc. by Sriji Maharaj. If punishment is to be given, Sriji Maharaj Himself will give. Therefore, He is our fate. Why should we call anything else as our fate?”

Bapasri said, “Sriji Maharaj’s grandeur is very great. When Swayamprakasanand Swami was not the follower of Sriji Maharaj, some renouncer started abusing Maharaj. As he continued abusing Maharaj, His name came repeatedly, as a result, that place became luminous. Seeing that, Swayamprakasanand Swami thought that the place became so luminous by taking His name so He must be God Himself. By making such determination, he came to Maharaj in Sorath. Maharaj made him saint through Muktanand Swami. That Swami gave him name of Swayamprakasanand Swami. Maharaj said, “Swami! Do you know it! Why the name was given as Swayamprakasanand Swami. Then looking at the assembly Maharaj said this saint is with you, he must have determined thus but would not say. He saw luminescence of Murti so Swayamprakasanand Swami determined soon.” Bapasri said to all, “Therefore, worship God very much”. You have got such knowledgeable saint so do not remain attached to worldly affairs. When saints caution us against enemies within us, if one favours these enemies – what should be called of him? He is called very stupid. Even if the enemy attacks by sounding drums, one does not recognise it. When the king’s procession goes, a nude sannyasi goes ahead with flag, similarly, this is also showing us flag in his hand, it is just like showing friendship and helping the enemy. The saint will also do good of him but he will not try to give up his nature. The one who has real love for satsang will not be victim of passion, anger, taste, etc. and always remain in front of Murti. Therefore, one should not be proud of four asram (brahmacharya, grhastha, vanprashta, and sannyas), place (position), etc. One should not think that Amdavad has nothing, Muli is good or it is nothing, Bhuj is better, etc. Everywhere you will find gems. Maharaj has called it the assembly of Aksardham so they all must be gems.” || 38 ||