On the evening of Chaitra Sud 6th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly, “When can it be called that one has surrendered to Maharaj and Muktas?” Bapashri said, “When one properly obeys the commands of Shriji Maharaj and ignores all other things except Murti and he constantly keeps vruti (tendency of mind) in Maharaj’s Murti, he is said to have surrendered.

Then again Swami asked, “How much is the benefit of darshan, touch, etc. of great Mukta?” Bapashri said, “The benefit of it is as much as on and on Ashvamedh yagna, this has been described in scriptures but it is not possible to gauge today’s benefit. Today heads of many abodes and their Muktas have all come in satsang for their liberation. In Jamnagar, Swarupanand Swami was sitting at pond under a banyan tree along with seventy-five saints. Seeing this a Brahmin commented that formerly saints like Narad, Shanak, shuka, etc. and nine Yogeshwars were there and God viz. Machchha, Kurma, Varah, Nrushinha, Vaman, Ram, Krushna were there. Today there can not be such God or Saint like them. Then Swarupanand Swami said, “Saints and God which you described are all sitting here. Have the darshan of them if you wish. They all learn about greatness and knowledge of supreme lord Shri Swaminarayan for their liberation by becoming our disciples. They all be taught about it and they will be taken in the bliss of lord Swaminarayan’s Murti. God is only Shri Swaminarayan and others which you described are all devotees- such is the greatness of this satsang. The benefit of darashan and touch of this God and these Muktas cannot be gauged. It is boundless and immortal. By their darshan, etc. one gets ultimate liberation. He may not recognise Maharaj and Muktas but by their darshan all his sins will be burnt and he will tread on the path of liberation hence he will be liberated at the end of some births. || 141 ||