On the day of Aso Sud 1st in Samvat 1948, Swami Sri Nirgundasji left this world (as Bapasri had predicted) in the night at one o’clock. At that time Swami Aksarjivandasji was at Vrspur along with his group. He and devotees of village were woken up by Bapasri and told them that their guru had disappeared from this world at Amdavad, so they should take bath- all took bath.

Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. were associating with Bapasri as per Swamisri’s command after he left this world and Ramjibhai forgot that matter. Since then twelve months had passed. After twelve months Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami gave him darsan in the divine form and asked him how he had forgotten that he had to associate with Muktaraj Abjibhai as was told. Ramjibhai went for darsan of Bapasri as commanded by Swamisri. Bapasri said to Ramjibhai, “You made Swamisri put effort again and saying so, he met him. Bapasri made him sit near him and said, you are my old attendant. Saying so Bapasri made him remember the past life so Ramjibhai had oneness with Bapasri.” Then Ramjibhai asked for boons and Bapasri gave him whatever he wanted. After some days when he was going back to his village, he was going on and on with joy pondering about happiness which Bapasri had given him by talking about Maharaj’s divine capacity. In the meanwhile he made a sankalpa of testing the words given by Bapasri-no sooner did he make the sankalpa, than the mass of luminescence was coming to him rapidly making sound. Seeing that, Ramjibhai was stunned and sat down. In the meanwhile that luminescence came near him and after passing through his body went towards Vrspur. He understood the power of Bapasri and became happy and went home-then Ramjibhai often used to go to Kutch and associate with Bapasri and he used to take with him several saints by bearing their expenses. Thus he made many saints and devotees recognise Bapasri and thereby made them, understood the knowledge of Maharaj’s form. || 5 ||