After the katha was over, Bapasri was sitting in the assembly. Swami Vrndavandasji requested Bapa to keep all in the bliss of Murti. Bapasri said, “We have come for this purpose only. Yours is also the same work. Maharaj and muktas do the only work. He who does not know this may speak as he thinks fit. We are not concerned with it. We should enjoy only bliss of Murti. The source of bliss is only Sriji Maharaj and that Murti should not be given up. The agony of three kinds which a sinner suffers is made cool by Maharaj and great Anadi. If they give us knowledge, the agony will become cool. ‘Sital sant chhe re tejni upma nav devay’ (luminescence is cool and quiet, it cannot be given a simile). Such is the luminescence of Murti. If one gets frightened it will happen like Ladkibai; so, do not get frightened. Thousands of years may pass but there remain only bliss and bliss. We should put our head in the lap of Maharaj and muktas. Great Anadi will fulfil-that thing is very dear. It will not come in your hand easily and thinking about it is very difficult. We have got that thing from the corner unexpectedly due to the grace of Maharaj and muktas, so our work is to preserve it.”

Then looking at saints Bapasri said, “Great Sadgurus went from place to place in our region and gave preaching. Wherever they went and brought with them a cartload of dhotis. This means that those having matured determination achieve siddhis (supernatural power) but we should not be tempted by it. So, know that wherever the king’s administrator goes, he is honoured with gifts which is due to the king- therefore one should not wish others wealth. Someone may think that we are achieving great victory and making satsangis happy by talks but it is not so. They are all happy due to Murti- without Murti even if they try hard for the whole life, they will not get happiness. This is the joy of Murti, but it is not understood. The accomplishment of Narad, Suk, Sanak, Gopis, etc. is nothing compared to the bliss of Maharaj. I am not saying this to belittle them, but describing the enormous proportion of the bliss of Maharaj. Some great deities also took prasadi (offerings) from the bowl of saints. All of them had come to become divine. We do not know our own house. As one move towards Murti, he has to put more efforts. What can subordinate king give if he is pleased? But, if sovereign king is pleased, he will give whatever one wishes. Similarly, the other incarnations are like subordinate kings but Maharaj is like a sovereign. The Governor wearing only hat goes for a ride on horse back whereas the other kings take out procession five to seven time a year– this is for showing their pomp. Maharaj does not show His greatness thus. But incarnations do show it. Therefore, greatness of Maharaj becomes obvious because, ‘sarvena swami Sri Hari re sarvena kahaviya syam’ (master of all is Sri Hari). So if Sriji Maharaj is kept together, there will not be fear from anyone. The real greatness is only in Murti. The fate of worldly jiva is someone else but our fate is Maharaj. If thoughts are occurring, we should pray in piteous voice with his greatness, they would disappear. Then the importance of greatness, goodness, passion, anger in this world will become worthless. Greatness is only in Murti. All virtues like coolness, etc. are in it. All happiness other than that is useless but if one has no importance of Maharaj’s greatness, he will find importance in other happiness also. If mental worship is performed in divine feeling, we will get much bliss from it. Do according to your inclination. Inclination should only be for bliss. Bliss is in Murti. We are in very rich kingdom and we have got great Master but jiva’s nature like vagharana (low cast woman) is an obstacle. He, who does not understand satsang as divine and also does not understand that Maharaj is Master of all, will have left out many things to be done in this world. From a paras another paras is formed- such is Maharaj. Just as the jeweller examines jewel, similarly we should appreciate Murti. One should make partnership with a big businessman but not elsewhere. ‘Jene joie te avo moksa magva, aj dharmavansine dwar’ (whoever wants liberation, come, come, today to Sriji Maharaj). This is the ocean of happiness. It is neither well nor a pond which will dry up. Therefore, if you want to achieve more bliss come in Murti. As one enjoys various kinds of bliss, bounds will increase. Billions of years may pass but bound of that bliss is limitless. I bless that the whole satsang may go to God hale and hearty. All may resemble in the cadre of Anadi. One gets Murti and Aksardham by sankalpa of Anadi. Just as lightening flashes and disappears, but bliss of Mahaprabhuji is never forgotten. In the opinion of him having mayik feeling, has been put in Aksardham and in the opinion of him having divine feeling has been kept with Maharaj. One should drive away his defect, by remaining at the door in the form of Knowledge. The dead body is inauspicious at the place of Swaminarayana. One may sit for twelve months but by the grace of muktas, it can be done within an hour. Passion, anger, etc. which are inside are thieves. Drive them out and instead if one keeps Sriji Maharaj with him, he will have no fear. Maharaj and muktas will be pleased if one remains in front of Murti and puts more and more efforts for the pleasure of Sriji Maharaj. || 59 ||