At night, Bapasri talked. He said, “We should understand much about the greatness of Anadi Maha Mukta and do their seva with love, please them so that we soon get the happiness of Murti. We should never bring human feeling for them. All activities of theirs should be taken as divine. They may show ignorance about something even though they are fully aware of it, may show bodily feeling and may show joy and sorrow but all this is divine– know thus. If there is shortcoming in the understanding of greatness, one may get perplexed. To quote an example Bapasri said, there was unique devoted devotee named Jethabhai in Dandhavya region. He had much love and atmabuddhi (oneness as one has with one’s body) for Anadi Maha Muktaraj Sadguru Sri Gopalanand Swami. Once Swamisri became very ill. When Jethabhai knew about his illness, he became very sad. Though he was nearly seventy-five miles away from his village, immediately started to visit Swami on hearing about his illness. Swami became dumb and pretended as if he could not speak. On seeing this Jethabhai fainted and said if Swami would give reply to me and talk with me even once, I would spend all my wealth. A saint who was there advised Jethabhai to think and say because Swami would speak just now. Jethabhai told Swami that he was speaking truth and said that he would take a vow that if Swami would once give reply he would spend all his wealth. But Swami did not speak at that time, but at night Swami gave darsan to Jethabhai in dream and told him that he had come on hearing his news but he did not speak with him. He would have spoken but since you had taken the vow spending the whole wealth, he did not speak at that time. So never take such vow. Thus, great Anadis are different from ordinary human being. They are always only in one state but may show human feeling. Therefore, if there is shortcoming in understanding of their greatness, one may doubt their behaviour but great muktas do not have any feeling about the body or state. They are constantly dwelling in Murti and appear in this world by showing their mercy to take innumerable jivas in the happiness of Maharaj.

Gordhanbhai of village Mathak asked, “Do great muktas know about sankalpa of everybody’s mind?” Bapasri said, “Great muktas also know everything as Maharaj knows. ‘Ek parasthi paras bane ek parasthi hem hoy’ (by one paras another paras is forms and the same paras turns everything into gold by its touch). Similarly, great muktas make paras from paras (this means they make us as they are) then, where is the question of imperfection? If one finds any fault with great muktas, one should know that they are his own faults so they appear in muktas but there is no any fault in great muktas. How to know it- just as if you look into the mirror you will see your own face as it is but that face does not belong to any one else, you see your own face. Similarly, faults are our own and appearing in great muktas. Therefore, they should be avoided by getting attached to great muktas and should reveal our faults to them frankly. So they would get it avoided. We should not keep any kind of deceit before them. If we make happy others, we also become happy and if we give unhappiness, we also become unhappy. Just as if we put bindi of kumkum on our forehead, the same will be seen in the mirror but if we put bindi of mes it will be seen the same black bindi in the mirror. Similarly, some devotees request to be pleased with them and put hand on their head. Thus, do we have to say anything to great muktas? They are automatically pleased by seeing the devotees’ good nature of pleasing God and his virtues and they make him happy by putting hand on his head. Bapasri quoted an example of a devotee who was very strong, came to Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami. He prostrated before Swami and hurriedly told him to be pleased with him and put his hand on his head. Saying so, he forcibly pulled both hands of Swami and put them on his head. Swami was weak in body so what he could do. Swami told the devotee what could he gain by forcibly putting his hands on his head. He further told him that since he was strong in body he could put the whole body of Swami on his head, if he wished so, but could he get the pleasure thus! Therefore, to please God, one must have good nature and virtues. Moreover, if one achieves supernatural powers by the grace of Sriji Maharaj, he should remain humble, should remain as a servant’s servant of devotee of God and get attached to great Anadi muktas who are there in satsang and understand the greatness of God, and suppress his happiness. If he does thus, he would become great Maha Mukta by and by and by achieving stable constant happiness of great muktas who are the forms of Purusottam and would become the form of Sri Purusottam by achieving wonderful constant joy. But if he declares his supernatural power, tries to draw people towards him, and shows some miracles to boast about his greatness and his happiness or talks about miracles and happiness, he will fall down from his state and become blank and ultimately will fall from satsang– such hurdles will come in his way. This is because, if some saint and devotee prohibit, but he ignores it because of his nature and insists to behave according to his nature, he will find faults with saints and devotees and then he will fall down. Therefore, one should be cautious. If we understand the greatness of those who are still on the path of progress, there is no harm in it, but if we understand muktas as ordinary seekers, it will be a defect. Therefore, greatness should be understood thoroughly. If someone does a little devotion (bhakti) remaining in the commands of Maharaj, we should not find fault with him. But if he differs from the commands of Maharaj, we should stop at that point but should not go to him because of greatness.” || 74 ||