In the morning of Vaishakh Vad 2nd, katha of Vachanamrt was being read in the assembly in the Vrspur temple.Bapasri said, “Which one is better-devotion or renunciation?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji replied that devotion (bhakti)is better. Bapasri said, “Renunciation come from devotion. Then looking at saints Bapasri said if you do devotion Maharaj will be pleased. Do you know renunciation? If we eat too much, the belly will become heavy so do not eat much. When Swami Aksarjivandasji was serving meals to saints he would see and observe that some would be satisfied by drinking pulse (dal); whereas some would ask for two to five ladus (sweet balls), on the other hand Swami would take half ladu or half chapati and adding dal on it would drink it. When he felt drowsy, he would hurt himself with sharp instrument on the knee and would bleed. Moreover, at the time of the arrival of samayia, and if saints have gone for darsan afterwards he would write to them that they should not come here in case anyone of them has differed from the commands of Maharaj. Thus he would forbid those who acted against the commands. Besides, those who did not behave according to Dharmamrt and Shikshaptri would not be allowed to stay in the temple. When the group of saints (Mandal) returned, from their programme, Swami would check their bags and if a knife or paper for letter is found Swami would take it out. A letter can only be written by the leader of group. Saint Vishvajivandasji used to keep young boys with him so he was driven out of Bhuj. Then he came to me (Bapasri) and told that Swami had driven him out. I told him that it must be the way of saints so Swami must be doing it- this is called renunciation. Wherever there are muktas, they would follow that tradition.” Then Bapasri said that he was also happy because of great saints. “Do I take meals even though I may be hungry? If I take meals, Swaminarayana would taunt me.” He asked saints, “Had they ever seen ladus, ghee, jaggery, sugar, excepting hotchpotch of math and loaf of millet? If someone would prepare it, out of love, I have to remain hungry. This is how I behave. Some would be satisfied only if their dishes (Pattar) are full.” Then Bapasri said I am a poorman, but if it happens like this how can it be called renunciation? Even if I go to Bhuj, I would get hotchpotch of math prepared and offer it to Ṭhakorji- neither ladu nor anything else. If I am wrong ask anyone. You will not find anyone telling so bluntly, since you are mine I am telling this so be selfless and do not go for taste. If one is not cautious about it, Swaminarayana would not be pleased, so always keep renunciation and devotion invariably. That is the poison-if one is not cautious, how can it be called renunciation? Knowledge is superior to cloth, patience is superior to shield, character is superior to throne,- if this principle is followed, nothing can make one unsteady. Since I think, good of you, I am telling you the truth. You should also be alert. Do not wish for ladu in your dish and do not feel sorry for it if you have one ladu, do not wish for more. If you do not keep renunciation, how can you be mine?” Bapasri got it confirmed from saints. “The intention is to get unattached from this world by hook or crook- did you get me?” (Bapasri asked this question). Then Bapasri politely asked “Maharaj if one has to be alert or not. Then Bapasri told a devotee sitting near him to reduce fat so that it will be good. I am telling the truth. If one has real renunciation, he will reach up to the work of Prakrti. The goal is to achieve Purusottam who is above kshar and Aksar.” Saying so, Bapasri looking at Swami Ghansyamjivandasji got it confirmed from him. “Such person cannot be found in any cosmos. These saints are all Murtis of Brahma. Though I do not have renunciation, I am telling you because we have to please supreme Lord Swaminarayana.” Then looking at Lalsankarbhai he told devotees that you should also know renunciation otherwise it will be like eating more duthpak, puri, etc. which thing would be as told to saints- do not do that. I do not know all names of those varieties. Then Bapasri said to saints that thal for Ṭhakorji is prepared with dudhpak, malpuva, etc. If you prepare dishes like Srikhand, jalebi, etc. think twice. If you do not ponder, it will be harmful. ‘Randi pase mandi jay av bai tun pan hun jevi tha’ (equality should not be suggested)-do not like this. Passion, etc. are enemies so their shadow should be avoided. If one does not have renunciation, he will lose reputation. Passion, etc. is the result of taste. Be aware of it. When senses are won, causal body will be burnt. The causal body is the cause of desire which is there in ignorant jiva from anadi (from very beginning). The ultimate destruction can be avoided by meditating on Sriji Maharaj with the knowledge of Atmasatta and getting the state of Upsam means all five senses and causal body will be burnt out.” || 142 ||