On the morning of Chaitra Sud 4th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as a child cries for trivial object, similarly Jiva keeps passion in objects of five senses like taste, honour, etc. by giving up bliss of Maharaj, so bliss of Murti can not be had.

Swami Vrundavandasji said, “Eating, drinking, etc are passions of five senses. Can it be avoided by stopping eating and drinking?” Bapashri replied, “We should not give that which is liked by the mind and eat howsoever it is and should keep the practice of meditation. By doing so passion will be avoided. By following rules in this way, passion is avoided as it was avoided by Sura Khachar.”

Then again Swami asked, “How was passion of Sura Khachar avoided. Bapashri replied, “Sura Khachar was very much fond of tasty food. He used to take different kinds of dishes in separate ten to fifteen bowls and if dinner were not tasty, he would quarrel. Once Maharaj asked his wife Shantibai, why she came late in katha?” She replied, “Your devotee requires many dishes at the time of dinner and if there is any mistake in spices, he would quarrel. Therefore I am unable to come in time in katha.” Shriji Maharaj told her to make only one or two dishes and that too without spices. I shall give a vow to Sura Khachar that he should not ask for any thing or speak at the time of having dinner.” Thereafter Maharaj gave a vow to Sura Khachar and his wife did as she was told by Maharaj. Then Sura Khachar sat for dinner and finding it without spices, he knew that his Master had come otherwise; she would not do it like that. By knowing that it was the desire of Shriji Maharaj, he ate food like nectar, he ate such food for six months. Then Maharaj asked Shantibai if the devotee said anything, she replied that he did not. She said. “Maharaj! Now your devotee eats whatever kind he gets and does not quarrel.” Then Shriji Maharaj said, “Henceforth serve your husband as reverentially as you serve Me.” Thereafter she used to serve her husband with delicious food but Sura Khachar was free from passion and he did not differentiate between good and tasteless food- it became all equal for him. Passion can be avoided by such vows but cannot be avoided even if one avoids it. Vows should be taken from Muktas that too by becoming humble with folded hand. Then only it will be successful with the help of Muktas. Some observe fast, vrat, etc with hypocrisy or by feeling ashamed and eats secretly. He has cheated Shriji Maharaj and satsang so he commits a sin. Just as labourers do much work in the presence of their master but in his absence they sit idle. Similarly some pretend in doing means to achieve salvation- it means he showed his love for the good. Just as servant works in the presence of master and also works in the same way in his absence, similarly one is said to be desirous if he does means like worshipping, meditation, etc to please Maharaj and shows enthusiasm in Maharaj’s talk. The talk came to end here. Then Bapashri went to his home for dinner saints prepared dishes for Thakorji and offered to Him. Thereafter all had dinner and then sat to read katha in the porch. At that time Bapashri entered, saints greeted him with Jai Swaminarayan. Bapashri said, “Lord Swaminarayan is there in this assembly, any one who needs can take Him.” But this Jiva has illness and likes Bhajia-vada- this means the illness is liking for other objects than Murti of Maharaj. This illness will not be allowed because Maharaj and Muktas have met in this birth. Just as thirsty cows go to the pond and quench their thirst with the water. Similarly you have come with enthusiasm by crossing ocean; I know this. I am giving you the bliss which I take from Shri Purushottam. Those who have such constant feeling for Muktas get bliss with my pleasure.

In the meanwhile, Bhimji son of Premjibhai came from Narayanpur prostrated before all and said, “My father is seriously ill and has sent me to fetch you. Please come with me along with these saints to give darshan.” Bapashri said, “We will all come there in the evening.” Then Bhimji went back and Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to Narayanpur in the evening. They all stayed in temple and went to Premjibhai’s house. Bapashri asked, “How long are you going to keep this illness?” Premjibhai replied that it was in his hand. Bapashri ordered the fever to go away. So the fever came down and vomiting stopped and Premjibhai started eating and became all right. On the next day, saints and devotees all went to Dahisara. Bapashri gave them send off and he came to Vrushpur. Saints and devotees went to Bhuj via Rampur and from there they went to Gujarat. || 89 ||