On the night of Vaishakh Vad 6th Bapashri delivered a talk. He said, “Shriji Maharaj protects His devotee from lust, anger, etc. but the one who offends His devotee will not be protected by Him. Dada Khachar begged, “Please forgive all guilt of Your devotees and at the time of death please take them to Your abode.” Shriji Maharaj said, “I shall forgive countless guilts of My devotee and will take them to My abode but those who offend My devotees will not be pardoned. One should not offend even small creature like an ant.” If one who remains as a servant in the Satsang, will not find faults in any one and will get virtues. The one, who does not remain servant and considers himself to be great, will have faults like honour, anger, etc. Those faults will make him take faults of the Satsang and will make him leave the Satsang and make him miserable. When the jiva finds faults of devotees and saints in the Satsang, he will mentally be upset and forgets the path. He does not turn back even if tried by Muktas because he has not known karan (Murti, the real goal). If he knows the goal, i.e. Shriji Maharaj and Muktas and gets attached to them will not be affected by the place and time. Moreover, there will not be obstacle. The devotee should be above honour, affection- no such things should be there at all. Therefore saints should not have any kind of honour or affection. He should not feel that Amdavad, Muli, or Bhuj are his. Shriji Maharaj has kept nothing for you at any place. In the work of Prakuti, He has not kept any share of saint. Therefore one should not get bound by honour and dignity. He should consider honour as full sin and dignity as a snake. Feeling dignified means a cobra has bitten and if honoured means stuck by full sin.” Giving an example, Bapashri further said, “Swami Aksharjivandasji did not accept honour by giving gadi-takiyo and he threatened that if they insisted much to accept such honour, he would leave Bhuj and go to some other place. Saints should feel that they are in forest and eat whatever they get but there is no haveli (a palatial building), garden, honour, dignity, festival, samaiya, or taste, etc. At the time of leaving home one should feel that he is going to forest and will eat whatever he gets by begging and worship God. If there is always such feeling, God will be worshipped with joy and there will be attachment with great Muktas. The saint who is determined and matured gets super powers and gets honour, dignity, clothes, tasty food etc. but he should not accept everything. Accept only that much which is necessary and give up the rest. If he does not do so and accepts everything, God will be forgotten and will become passionate. Tasty food harms too much to soul so if he gives up that he will get the happiness of attachment with great Muktas. He should offer loaf of millet to Thakorji (God), worship Him and get attached to such Muktas. Formerly mumukshus have drunk only water which was used for cleaning rice and remained attached to Muktas, whereas today you get as much as full dish as you want. Formerly saints ate only that much food which was the size of lemon and today full dish is available. Even then if the taste is not given up he will become miserable. Therefore the taste of dish must be avoided.” On that topic Bapashri gave his own example by saying, “I like nothing except loaves of millet but they can not be chewed because there are no teeth. Hot loaf kept dipped in water. That loaf is taken after kneading it along with the vegetable of guvar or ratadia (sweet potatoes) at 10 o’clock in the morning. In the evening khichdi of math (a kind of pulse) without rice mixed with flour of millet is taken. Except that food no other food prepared with sugar or ghee is preferred. Even in Gujarat region loaf of millet is taken. As you are aware that devotees offer fruits and sweets, dry fruits but I have never thought of accepting them.” Bapashri asked, “Have you ever seen me eating that food?” Saints said, “No, never, your holiness. You distributed these things to saints but we have never seen you eating that food.” Bapashri said, “Sometimes if any one insists much with love, I will accept small quantity but there is no liking for it, because if I start accepting such tasty food the tongue will become addict of it. Therefore it will be for my good, if I keep myself away from such food.” Then saints said, “Your eating, drinking, dressing, everything is meant for the welfare of all the soul. Even then you behave thus to teach us. Therefore please bless us by showing your mercy that our taste becomes such.” Bapashri said, “If you show your need and eagerness for Maharaj and Muktas, you will also become thus.” || 9 ||