On the day of Fagan Sud 8th, the 12th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it there was reference about ego. Then Bapashri said, “Ego is very peculiar. The person having ego will do service by spending lacs of rupees and may know God as God and may know saint as giver of liberation even then his ego is always there. That egoistic may not remain alive means falls from the path of liberation. He may get ocean of happiness provided he gives up his ego and pleases God and saints. If someone is given vows of vartman by keeping Shriji Maharaj and assembly with him, he will get ultimate liberation but if he is given vows indifferently, he will attain some potential for spiritual progress. While taking food or drink if one keeps Shriji and Muktas with him, the food and drink will become divine and the person dedicating will get Maharaj’s happiness; but if takes it with his ego, the person who has dedicated will have potential for growth. We are not concerned if one who has firmness of Shriji but violates His commands.Those who obey commands and joins in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti by becoming form of Purushottam will become happy. Therefore after coming in satsang we should go on progressing. The renouncer should be like Gopalanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami and the householders should become like Parvatbhai, etc. When the renouncer and householder being called saint or devotee and if they are satisfied with this address, they will remain unfulfilled. If one finds faults with someone, the fault finder will be as good as dead person in satsang- it is great defect. If someone betrays saint or devotee who are following panch vartman he can repent by prostrating himself before them or requesting or praying and his betrayal will be forgiven but he does it with ego it will not happen so (his betrayal will not be forgiven). If one knows Shriji Maharaj as super being and keeps his ego, it is very harmful. If someone says that you are like a serpent or like a demon, it will not be tolerated but he himself becomes like it. If someone attacks his ego he will become angry -this should be known as the body of serpent because at that time he will cross the limit of guru or assembly or ishtadev (God of the family). The one who makes the other angry will sin ten times because there was no anger in that fallow, but he made him angry. Ego, envy and anger spoil both, the path of salvation and practical life, but Jiva do not leave them. They are of no use. On the contrary, they are harmful so they should be driven out. Durvasa had anger so he was called ‘Mahaghor‘ but was not called saint. Devotees and saints fear from angry person so he will be guilty. Words of Shriji Maharaj are not wrong. If one controls anger as soon as it arises, Shriji Maharaj will be pleased, but afterwards if one repents Shriji Maharaj will not be pleased. So it should be controlled immediately. Shriji Maharaj says that even if there is waste of lacs of rupees He does not get angry. We are also of Maharaj therefore we should not be angry and should be cool with pure satwa attribute and should not be angry during discussion. If one remains as a servant he will not become controller because he will agree in everything therefore devotional service is very important. There is no value of honour, respect, glory, fame, in this world. If one has no ego, etc, Shriji Maharaj and Muktas will show more love for him. If someone pinches the one having satwa attribute of illusion, the anger will come out from him soon. If one is without attribute (nirguna), he will not have anger. Therefore one should become chaste saint. One should avoid feeling of three bodies (physical, subtle, causal) and become real saint. The one who contemplates on harsh words will be unhappy and if he does not he will be happy. Currency notes have value (here there is simile-value means honour). But if someone honour saint or insult him, the saint should not value it. If wicked thoughts occur he should repent but should not remember it. By remembering wicked thoughts, one becomes full of flaws, so they should be forgotten. He should stand at the door in the form of knowledge so that he would not get human feelings for others in this assembly. The door in the form of knowledge means he will have divine feeling for ever and he will not have grudge against anyone. There should not be any thought excepting thoughts for Maharaj- this should also be known as door in the form of knowledge. When the dog chews a bone, it bleeds and seeing this it becomes happy. Similarly one should not chew bones in the forms of passion, anger, honour, etc. Honour, etc is like fort in the form of fault. If this fort is gunned down by shells of gun in the form of Shriji Maharaj’s words, the fort in the form of faults will crash. Wining or loosing in the court is called a case is won or lost. In Gujarati kesh means hair. What is the value of hair that we say we have won the case? Jiva bears the misery of hunger, sorrow and punishment but it would not become saint. It is difficult to become saint. Shriji Maharaj says that he is such a saint. If there is love for God without knowledge the other thought will occur except God and if love is with knowledge, it would not allow other thoughts to occur. Therefore love and knowledge are two separate things. Even if there is premlakshana bhakti (love-oriented devotion), devotion and knowledge both are separate. When there is experience knowledge, everything namely religion devotion, etc will be in it. So experience knowledge remains for ever. || 163 ||