On the day of Fagan Sud 9th, in the assembly Narayansevakdasji said, “Yesterday you talked about ropes and these ropes do not break by themselves, therefore some one is needed to break them (here the meaning is we are bound by inanimate and animate maya and we have to break this bond but somebody else can do it, we by ourselves can not do it-ropes are in the form of maya).” Bapashri replied, “The one who can break it and untie is ready but there is no faith so we do not trust the words of the one who unties it and we do not give up our belief, even then we demand Murti therefore all desires should be given up and we should try to reach Murti as soon as possible. But Jiva finds pleasure in five senses hence it does not leave it, but they are like hell, but the pleasure is believed, due to fascination.

Then Swami Ghansyamjivandasji said, “Please protect us from these five senses.” Bapashri said, “If one can stand with a stick in hand, where is the fear of vagharies in the form of senses? But if we fear like Bania, we will be robbed. One Bania was going somewhere at night and on the way he was afraid by seeing the shaking plant of akada (flower of akada are offered to Hanumanji) and began to think, ‘jo hashe koli nali, to tel, taka ne kulli tari; ane jo hashe thunthalo, to hun chhun marad moochhalo.‘(If he is koli oil, money and vessel will be of his and if he is crippled, I will challenge him, because I am strong enough)- it happens thus. But if one behaves controlling nature he will become very happy. Unless the nature is controlled the desire for bliss of Mahaprabhuji is in vain. But the nature of Jiva is such that it helps five senses but does not fight with them and never thinks that it will have to take many births. He takes the side of nature and disciples and wants Murti. Therefore if Murti is asked for after breaking all bonds, we are ready as giver. There was a babul tree in our Kakarvadi when it was made to fall it did not fall because one of its roots was firm in the ground. When that root was cut down it fell automatically. Similarly when the root in form of five senses is cut and all desires are given up, one can automatically live in the bliss of Murti. If passion is not given up in such association, how will it be given up elsewhere? There is no assembly elsewhere like this one, therefore such a nature which is trivial should be given up. What is the capacity of the nature that it can govern us? These Jivas take many vows but no body takes the vow of doing meditation. The benefit which we are getting today by the association of this Mukta can not be measured.

Then again, Swami Narayanshevakdasji said, “Please break the bonds of all your dependants with your grace.” Then Bapashri said, “Muktas are ready to break their bonds provided they become guileless but they do not give up their resolution so for the trivial objects they get trouble by violating commands of Maharaj. They talk of Murti but do not want to break the bonds. Great Muktas, by doing penance, have shown the way to please Shriji Maharaj-therefore we should do like that. Conscience is like he-buffalos. It is being deteriorated by feeding ‘ratab‘ in the form of five senses, and then wishes to get the bliss of Murti-how can he? Shriji Maharaj has handed over His Murti, which is like chintamani at the time of giving the vows of vartman and has taken away our sins. Even then he goes after sinful passion and becomes helpless before vaghries in the form of five senses.

Then Swami asked, “Whether the previous sins will burn or not in case one becomes guileless from now onwards?” Bapashri said, “If he does not tread on the old path it will burn but if he treads on the same path it will be doubled. If one knows then also diverts from the commands no repentance has been said for that. Therefore we should not tread that path with others. Maharaj and Muktas want to make all blissful but just as physician gives medicine for cure but if he does not observe the restriction for food, it will have adverse effect, similarly those who have come in satsang to cure the disease in the form of birth and death but if the restriction in the form of commands is not observed their disease in the form of birth and death cannot be cured. Therefore, we should do as told by Muktas. Sooner or later there is no way out but to break bonds and unless they are broken, the cycle of birth and death cannot be avoided. Nature is not improved in such association because there is lack in understanding the greatness in faith and in decision. If there is faith in words of Muktas, he will not violate the commands of Shriji Maharaj in any way. The dictum of Muktas is to remain absorbed in Murti. The bliss which you have got today has not been got by any one and it will also not be got in future. It is difficult to recognise when Maharaj and Muktas are there themselves. The celibate named Vedantanand was in Bhuj, he had not taken Prasad of Shriji Maharaj. Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami asked him, “You had not eaten the Prasad of Shriji Maharaj and today why are you eating the prasad of offering?” Then he repented much for having the feeling of human being for Maharaj- it was a great loss. || 136 ||