On the morning of Chaitra Sud 9th, the 9th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that one should constantly remain in God’s service by remaining introvert. Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj has said about the state of His Ekantik devotees. One should sincerely try to achieve that state. In all activities one should keep constant memory of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. Then by and by Murti will be realized. There was Achutadasji Swami in Bhuj. He was constructing a hedge round the farm (wadi). A stone was not placed at its proper place; Brahmchari (celibate) Govindanand had come there to bathe. He said, “Swami! The stone is not in level.” Then Swami said, “The stone will be put in level but you have dressed Thakorji in topsy-turvy manner. Cloth Him in proper manner.” Then celibate went to the temple and saw the clothes of Thakorji topsy-turvy. He clothed Him properly. Then on the next day he went to bathe at the farm. He asked Swami, “How did you know that clothes were topsy-turvy? You came here after mangla darshan (the first darshan of Thakoji in the early morning).” Swami said, “I have no obstruction of covering. I can see every thing sitting here.” Swami was such powerful. Once Swami was making loaves (rotlas) in bhandar of Bhuj, he had trance (Samadhi) and he put a loaf on tavdi and his hand remain on that loaf. That loaf burnt down and his hand began to burn. In the meanwhile, I went to the temple and informed Swami Raghuvircharandasji about the incident and ask him to save the hand soon. Then he took away the hand and he himself sat for making loaves. When it was time of lunch Swami came out of trance and after having lunch sat in the assembly. After reading of Vachanamrut was over I asked Swami, “How are siddhis (supernatural powers) which are seen in trance?” Swami said, “When I was in trance, Maharaj was ahead of me and I was behind him. I went on and on and reached Vaikunth from Devlok and from Vaikunth went on where siddhis stood by me with very sweet fruits, dry fruits, etc and requested me to accept their service. But I did not look at that sin by keeping Maharaj aside. Then tired siddhis alleged that ‘Fie upon Thee’! You were tempted by us by keeping aside lord Purushottam.” Then looking at Maharaj Swami told them, “Fie upon Thee and upon your master! I am not the type that would look at you leaving aside my lord. You are the form of hell. Am I going to be tempted by hell?” Saying so went on with Maharaj and reached up to Akshardham. When thal was offered to Thakorji, Maharaj brought me down in physical body.” When he was talking thus, devotees from Rampur came for darshan. They prostrated before all. Among them there was a boy named Parbat who prostrated before Swami. Swami put his hand on his back and said, “Well come Nandi (pothiyo) of Brahmanand Swami!” Then we all asked, “Bramanand Swami used to ride on horse back in the last stage of his life but never rode on nandi whereas you said nandi- what is the reason of it?” Then Swami said, “Brahmanand Swami along with sixty saints was moving around Zalawad. On his way once he had fever. At that time a Vanzara (a kind of wandering tribe) was going with his caravan. Swami’s saint told him that his preceptor (guru) was suffering from fever and wanted to go to a village. So make him sit on one of the nandi so that they could reach the village. Then the Vanzara brought a nandi and asked Swami to sit him on nandi. Saint made Swami sit on the nandi. While getting down at the outskirt of the village, Swami put his hand on his head and blessed by saying that all his ‘karma‘ were burnt. Swami told him to take one more birth and he would come to fetch him. At the same time the nandi died. This boy is the same nandi and Brahmanand Swami would come to fetch him at the time of his death. Parbat Bhakta left this world in the year-1949 and Maharaj and Brahmanand Swami fetched him by giving darshan. ||143 ||