Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “We should grasp the happiness of Murti and should have no any other attraction. Today God is easily available. We should not stop anywhere excepting, Murti and muktas. The people who care for this world will not get such talks. We should remain only in joy. We should not keep our share anywhere excepting only in Maharaj and His Anadi muktas. We should remain thus, till this body is there. We should not leave Maharaj and Anadi muktas even for a moment. The one who does not understand that knows Varuna, the moon, the sun, etc. deities of senses but we have met Maharaj so other deities have gone away. Therefore, Maharaj has become our God. When Murti dwells in the soul, Maharaj sees with our eyes, hears with our ears, speaks from our mouth, thus Maharaj dwells in all our senses, even then one waits for Aksardham, Maharaj, muktas; and thinks where they are. Murti is in the soul even then the tendency does not realise in that form. If he sticks to it, he will have fragrance from Murti and muktas as there is fragrance from flowers, but the nature of jiva is like sting so sometimes it stings. Saying so Bapasri said that ‘Guru gaya gokal ne cheane thai mokal” (Guru went to Gokul and hence his disciple became free). Thus, when they are in contact, it is all right and when they are away from contact, they violate the command. There are such preachers; so how they can be available afterwards. Such muktas are Maharaj’s echo and they do every activity viz. speaking, walking, eating, drinking, etc. according to wish of Maharaj. They are seen here but they are seen from Aksardham where they dwell. Therefore, the opportunity is good, time is good and in every Muni there are groups of many Munis. Thus, we have got divine happiness of Murti and group of muktas. Therefore, they are with us in present time and also with us in the divine feeling. There is no separation at all. At the time of death Maharaj and muktas will take us in the happiness of Murti by making us do thousands of pradaksina (going round and round around idol of God) and making us prostrate thousands of times. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked, “How will they make us prostrate and do pradaksina?” Bapasri said that by giving such knowledge and by a sankalpa. And by making them engrossed in Murti they will be merged in the cadre of anadi mukta. Therefore, keep firm faith. By coming in cantact with muktas and associating with them great muktas make jivas like themselves. How? By associating with muktas with pure mind, great Anadi makes this jiva the form of Brahma by making jivas free from body, senses, conscience, gods, etc.- means it is called the form of Brahma even presently having body. We have met the one who showers grace. This assembly belongs to Lord Purusottam so liberation is easily possible; therefore, take this benefit. Sriji Maharaj shines in satsang and looks. There is everything- such God, such saint, such religion, such path of Dharma Dhurandhar, eight siddhis, nine niddhis, etc. even then jiva behaves haphazardly, and has no faith in the words of great man. Moreover, commands of Maharaj is not obeyed- it is a sorry state. Why have we gathered in this satsang– for liberation or for something else? If householder and renunciant behaves according to the principles and commands of Sriji Maharaj, one will not be unhappy. It is not advisable for those who are in satsang to pamper senses because thirst of senses cannot be quenched. The happiness of happiness is Murti. One should stick to causal Murti. It is not done and one begins to do the means of this world- so what? It is just like passing time. Nothing can be achieved by means. The real happiness lies in Murti- there is no happiness elsewhere. This opportunity and time is very good. Therefore, continue doing katha-varta regularly. ekantik, param ekantik, and Anadi muktas move about in satsang. Therefore, enjoy divine happiness keeping their association. Give up disease in the form of honour, greed, passion and join in the form of Maharaj. It is the truth. One sits to meditate on Maharaj but his mind is elsewhere- do not do such meditation. Maharaj says that satsang is divine. Therefore, all should remember their duty. Satsang is like the sea. If one does not behave according to commands, it will throw away the dead body. The path which has been constructed by great saint should be followed by us, otherwise Maharaj will be away from us. We should keep our sight in front of Maharaj- Maharaj is divine. One should constantly remember that if he violates the commands even a bit of it, He will be displeased. If one get attached to Murti, the unhappiness of body will not be there. If one knows that all these Murtis are the same as are in Aksardham, he will have to do nothing. Never take these Murtis as made of stone or painting- they are always divine. But the nature of jiva is such that it always thinks different thoughts. For us it is always the area of naimisaranya because Maharaj and muktas move about in this satsang. Maharaj has made woods (temples) in the village for renunciant. Even if there is no inclination for katha-varta, he will not imbibe virtues-know thus. Our main work is to realise Sriji Maharaj so start meditating during night by waking up often.” || 88 ||