In the Samvat 1976, in the month of Shravan, Swami Ishwarcharandasji, etc went to Kutch to bring Bapashri to Muli. Bapashri along with fifty devotees came to Muli. From there Ghelabhai and Dhanjibhai, the attendant of king of Bhuj and five devotees, etc were sent to Amdavad to bring Shreeyut Maharaj, with the message to come to Muli, we shall satisfy you properly to clear misunderstanding but he did not come. Then Bapashri went to Kutch. He was escorted by Swami Ishwarcharandasji and saint Muktavallabhdasji and Ashabhai.

On the 10th day of Bhadarva Vad, 21st Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that God is pleased by dharma, knowledge, renunciation and worship. Bapashri said, “Dharma, knowledge, renunciation and worship all four are properly understood by associating with satpurush (mukta). However, it cannot be understood with our illusive intellect from scriptures. The scripture show the path. But when you meet Muktas, it can be understood in reality. Dharma, knowledge, renunciation and worship are the strength of Maharaj and Anadi Muktas. When it comes through the association of satpurush/Muktas in Jiva and Jiva is liberated. Just as trees like mango, etc. bear fruits, similarly infinite miracles emit from Murti and Muktas and merge in them. On seeing saint sleeping, Bapashri said Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan; sleep has come in the assembly. It should not be allowed to come. Once Muktanand Swami fell asleep then Maharaj said, “Sleep has come so go and have bath.” Then he came after bath. When Aksharjivandasji would fall asleep, iron nail would be thrust in his shinbone by himself such care should be taken. Once Badrinathanand Swami had come. One of his saint was sleeping in standing position and fell on the edge of tasdo (kind of vide vessel). The vessel turned and strike the lamp fell on saint so the lamp was put out and saint was injured-such is sleep. If mind (chit) is engaged in katha, varta, one will not fall asleep. Devotee of Rampara urinated in his (trousers) payjama while seeing folk-drama (bhavaiya)-such is the attraction of illusion. Such love should be kept in katha. Same thing happened with a devotee in Gadhada while he was engrossed in talks. He used to listen to talks with such fascination. Someone ask how can such thing happen? Shriji Maharaj said, “He has such love in talks therefore such love should be kept and one should not become unsteady even in agonies of three kinds (aadhi, vyadhi, upadhi)-and should behave in this way.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Does samadhi (trance) occur in body or Jiva comes out of body?” Bapashri said, “Jiva dwells in conscience and trance takes place there means Jiva goes from physical body to subtle body and dwelling in it, sees everything and then comes back to physical body because of attraction for objects/ passion. And if trance is being done to get attached with someone or something, he goes independently, comes, takes away, brings-he is said to be capable. Someone himself does independent trance for getting attached by many Jivas. In it, other Jivas get much benefit/attachment. I used to do trance for this purpose but I am always in Murti and many may not know it. When I go in trance many jivas are surprised and would say he is very great because he goes in trance but they will not be surprised if I dwell in Murti because no body can see it. Formerly I got fame because of trance and now I am liberating them by giving knowledge through my talks. I was not born and I do not belong to this world, I am always in Murti. Shriji Maharaj in the 13th Vachanamrut of middle chapter has said, “Murti was seen in womb of the mother- this is called the state of Mukta. Today Maharaj has sent such a great person so do not miss the opportunity. If you go deep in this word, Jiva will become worthy of it. If there is eagerness for this talk, fruit in the form of Maharaj’s Murti will be achieved and every word will become worth crores of rupees. If this is known as autumn, the season of fruits, flower will follow. Similarly, this is the season of salvation. The words coming from my mouth are like swant constellation and if someone is there to grasp them, many fruits will ripen. There were other incarnation but they are not called autumn. Today real autumn has come. Brahmanand Swami said, ‘sharad rutu ma aave jo shyam rangbhar ramiye.‘- If shyam comes in autumn, we will play with colour. The saint is the entrance door of Akshardham. I propagate/ spread happiness taking it from the mouth of Shriji and also from Murti and talking and spreading happiness of Murti and showering swant, so that many are fulfilled. One should become saint after becoming sadhu. The one who enjoy the bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti become saint so be saint, and if you get attached to Maharaj’s Murti and this Mukta you become saint. Just as the vadvanal (fire) makes the seawater sweet and make happy four kinds of Jiva (swedaj, udbhij, andaj, jarayuj etc.) through rainwater. Similarly, this Mukta makes Jiva happy. Therefore, if you associate by understanding greatness, you will be fulfilled. Saints should avoid animate and inanimate illusion (maya) and then he should become saint. Formerly great saints used to eat flour added with water. Dwelt in forest, and would not make insects fly away even if they would bite and even if they would get flour after two days, three days, or four days, they would be happy and were blissful in the bliss of Murti. Sadguru Muktanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami would not sometimes get buttermilk, sweet, dwelling place or clothes. Even then, they were happy. Therefore, we should also have such resolution. They got such big temple constructed but did not keep anything for themselves. Similarly, we should follow their example. If the householder does not have such bungalows and food, which served in platter (dish), he would run away -what type of man is he? Jiva likes to run to the misery of sea- such is the nature of Jiva. A brahmchari of Muli renounced his saffron clothes and went home. Swami Harinarayandasji requested me to persuade him but no effect. There was nobody at his house even then he went-Jiva is of such type. Therefore, our resolution should be like that of Shree Gopalanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and should try to become like them. But our resolution should not be like that of low thinking people. Householder should also keep resolution like of Parvatbhai and Dadakhachar but should not keep resolution for happiness of this world. Resolution should be of dedicating everything to God and saints. Saint should serve Thakorji and other saints with sandalwood paste, flower, fruits and water. But saint should not offer dhoti to saint doing katha-varta. Once a renouncer got clothes from Mumbai and worn. He was very much scolded by Sadguru Shree Nirgundasji Swami. But fascination is not given up. Here there was a devotee named Hirobhakta. A saint asked him to bring cumin. He went Kera and brought it for saint. If he has love for such a taste how he can understand this talk and when he can develop love in God and when become sadhu- when he can meet Maharaj- when he can get salvation. All this has to be thought about. Therefore such thing should not be done. Formerly, saints used to eat gola (flour added with water)-who was adding cumin in it. Therefore, such passion should be avoided and should get attached to Maharaj and Muktas in order to get liberation. || 210 ||