On the morning of Jeth Vad 5th saint Bhaktitanayandasji asked a question in the assembly, “Some say that saints are greater than idol- how to understand this?” Bapashri said, “He has not understood the dogma of Shriji Maharaj because he has not met siddh Muktas so he says so, because he has understood it with his mayik (illusive) intellect, but idol is Shriji Maharaj himself. Those who have not met great Muktas would try to understand the scripture with his modern wisdom but he will not get the gist of scripture and he himself becomes God. Then he said in satsang if someone says that he is God, he should not be believed. God is only Shriji Maharaj. Moreover, some worship ‘Vir’ (a deity). They show a little luminescence and show idol of Vir in it to the people. Ignorant people keep trust in them by understanding that they were shown Maharaj and become their victims. Therefore, we should not trust such deceitful persons. A person from Gujarat wrote to me and Swami Aksharjivandasji to worship him or if we do not worship him, we should worship Jivi doshi who is his follower and in Bhuj temple. You will be benefited by it. The old woman was worshipper of Vir.’ She would show the people a little luminescence and idol of Vir.’ So people got cheated. I and Swami had driven her out of satsang. She was taken back in satsang after making her repent in the Samvat 1964, when Dhanba arranged Parayan in Rampara. After saying so Bapashri said, some hold assembly of women in satsang and women massage their legs. Such kind of corrupt practice they do. Because causal Maharaj and Muktas are not recognized by them. So they cheat such ignorant people who do not know the norms of satsang by becoming Muktas even though their passion, anger, greed, honour, etc. have not been avoided. Therefore, one should not associate with such deceitful persons.

In Mankuva a Brahmin named Damo called himself as God. Some associated with him. Ayodyaprasadji Maharaj told them to leave his company but they did not obey. Then Maharajshree said, “This man no kuvo (one who long for honour,respect etc.) will not obey us.Saying so he started without taking lunch and came to Bharasar. The items of meal/food were not available there, so surdas (blind) and poor Khodabhakta told Maharaj that there were no items available for cooking so he would bring them from Mankuva and then get the food prepared. Maharajshree said that he would not eat the food made from food grain of Mankuva. There after Roodobhakta gandfather of Devji of Samtra who had met Shriji Maharaj brought flour, jaggery, ghee, hotch-potch and fed Maharaj and saints in Bharasar. Since the surdas (blindman) was poor he did not take meal from him. Therefore, poison should not be tested. ‘Mere to toom ek aadhara‘ (you are my only supporter) Support of only Shriji Maharaj should be taken; talk came to end here. || 190 ||