In the morning of Fagana Vad 10th, Bapasri after finishing his daily routine, talked. He said, “The words of this world should be used in the place of chilly and salt and the words for God should be used in the place of sweet things. Speak and do activity only that much which is necessary but food may be more but only pinch of chilly and salt is added, and used that much which is necessary and sweet dishes are eaten so that belly becomes full. Similarly, meditation, katha-varta, devotional song about God, His lila, feats (charitra), devotional song (bhajan), His remembrance, etc. should be carried on with faith and should not keep the company of those whose nature is childish. The daily worldly affairs should be done as much as it is necessary and unavoidable and should speak as much as necessary because it is a hurdle on the path of achieving God. Why have we come in satsang– to meet and associate with Anadi Maha Mukta. It is to be done and must be done as the middle activities cause delay. Therefore, one should not stop anywhere in it.”

Bapasri said, “When Murti is installed in the temple with rituals like ceremonial sacrifice, one should not apply reasoning for Murti means this feeling is good and that feeling is not. Just as a chaste woman says that her husband is ugly, not good- it will happen like this. Maharaj and such muktas will look yellow to him who suffers from jaundice- what does it mean? If one has human feeling for such saint and such muktas and feeling of picture or stone in Murti, it is called that he suffers from illness. Maharaj has said that there is no difference even of a pore between this Murti and Murti that of Aksardham. Feeling for Lord Swaminarayana is worshipped as one and everything. He is steadfast, eternal, and Anadi and supreme of all and is not suppressed by any one but he can suppress others. Such capacity is possessed by Maharaj and muktas and they are always there. If such capable Maharaj and muktas are there in this assembly but if one does not know their greatness, they are paroksa (other than Lord Swaminarayana) for him. Maharaj and muktas are never paroksa for the one having knowledge. Muktas are always Anadi, just as Maharaj is. Such muktas always dwell in Murti. Just as jiva dwells in body similarly, muktas are always with Maharaj. If one has understanding of such greatness, Maharaj is not separate from him who knows about the greatness. Great Anadis always dwell in Murti so that innumerable human beings are attracted. Where can one get opportunity of such muktas? Association with muktas is more important from which one gets love, atmanistha, knowledge of greatness, religion of self, devotion, etc. great thing can be achieved. Therefore, get attached to them. After understanding upasana (worship) of supreme if one gets attached to muktas, he will achieve the state of anadi mukta. For him there is no abode like Badrikasram, Svetdwipa, Aksar, etc. He has neither day nor night. He goes on enjoying various kinds of happiness from Murti for thousands of years. For such Anadi there is only Murti.

Tulsidasbhai asked, “Does Aksar have Maharaj’s darsan and happiness? Bapasri said, “Why does Aksar live separately if it has happiness of Maharaj and His darsan? Would it not sit with muktas? Therefore, assembly of Aksar is different and its status is also different, because Aksar has covering of luminescence. Just as we do not see idol of the sun and Sage Valkhilya does not have the curtain of luminescence. Similarly, muktas who are attendant (hajuri) of Sriji Maharaj have no curtain of luminescence. They always enjoy happiness of Maharaj. We are only concerned with Maharaj. He is the cause of all. Knowing thus, we should ponder on cause but not on the activity. What is that activity? They are other scriptures, siddhis, triumph, samaiya, festivals, etc. and only Murti is the cause. Therefore, we are concerned with happiness of cause, assembly of cause, luminescence of cause and capacity of cause. The path of knowledge is a step in it. When one knows the path of that knowledge, he reaches the peak. Without knowing, one may stop somewhere. This saint is the guide for knowledge of Brahmavidya, idols of Brahma, steadfast, eternal, and divine. All others should be kept at their respective places and Maharaj should be known as supreme. Remembering anything else without Maharaj is just like delaying; so one will not gain anything in other activities. We should keep only Murti.” || 75 ||