In the assembly Bapasri said, “Anadi Maha Mukta of Sriji Maharaj is not only happy themselves but also make many jivas happy in the happiness of Murti. If one becomes param ekantik, Maharaj and Anadi keep him in Murti drawing him by experiential knowledge. Only the one who knows state of such mukta can recognise him but without knowing state a mukta cannot be recognised. If one learns the knowledge of such parbhav (divine perspective) from such mukta, all words will take him in parbhav (in spirituality). All words of Vachanamrt are that of parbhav (leading to spiritual life). Not a single word has any other meaning. All words are in the sense of Murti. The Lotus in the form of the group of saint is blooming. The sight of all is in front of that causal Murti. So kingdom of the king and queen is equal. You have met such a great mukta. Therefore, remain engrossed in Murti and take happiness. The one who has darsan of this assembly, knowingly or unknowingly, will get ultimate liberation. Such divine is this assembly. I always recommend that know that Maharaj and muktas are always present; and obey commands and always enjoy happiness of Murti thus. In this world there is nothing worth seeing in the work of Prakrti. Only Maharaj and this assembly are beneficial. Therefore, have trust in Anadi Maha Mukta of Maharaj and get yourself fulfilled. This is the best opportunity you have got. Both Sadgurus are giver of happiness. In satsang they have made many jivas happy in the happiness of Maharaj. And for that purpose they move from place to place and I have also been drawn here by them. I was not well, but I became well. Love of devotees is also praiseworthy. Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Amichandbhai, etc. young or old, all have the same inclination. Day and night, they have intense desire for bliss of Murti. These young devotees behave according to commands. I am very much pleased by seeing such devotees. Prabhasankarbhai, the teacher, is the best devotee among Brahmanas. This is all because of Sriji Maharaj. It seems that young boys have come with their merit of past lives. They also became happy in the association of such divine assembly. The nuns also have taken much care of satsang. Presence of thousands of devotees and mass of women in the city of Karachi is because of Maharaj’s grace. Sriji Maharaj made this region holy. So, in this city there became a holy abode. Aksardham and such place have oneness. This whole assembly is divine, and in the centre Maharaj sits luminously. Always keep such divine feeling. I give happiness of Murti to jivas by Sriji Maharaj’s sankalpa.”

Looking at Lalubhai, Bapasri said, “Lalubhai! You have bloomed this garden in the form of satsang.” Lalubhai said, “Bapa! It is all because of you.” Bapasri said to Mahadevbhai, “You also enriched the satsang.” Mahadevbhai said to Bapasri, “You are very capable. You move from village to village to give happiness of Murti and make all happy. You have much mercy on the devotees of Karachi so we are very lucky. Where can one find Maharaj! and capable muktas like you! This time you have accomplished us.” Bapasri said that it was all the mercy of Sriji Maharaj and saying so he came to his seat.

Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Haribhai, Somchandbhai, prayed to Bapasri and said, “Bapa! You have shown mercy on us and considered us as your own, so we have all become grateful. This time you brought with you Sadgurus and gave us much happiness of your darsan, seva and association. You talked about Sriji Maharaj’s wonderful glory, state of anadi mukta and their much pity on jiva, so young and old devotees all have become happy. Thus, make us happy often, considering us as yours.” Bapasri said, “Keep such love till the last moment. I make jivas happy in the happiness of Sriji Maharaj- I have no any other work. Sadgurus, etc. saints will still stay here.” Bapasri asked Isvarcharanadasji to stay for two days more and talk about greatness of Maharaj to the devotees and make them happy.” Swami said, “Bapa! As Sanwaldasbhai came to fetch you and you came, similarly, whenever the devotees invite you, please be grateful and come- this is the prayer of the devotees.” Bapasri said, “Swami! Now my body cannot bear it and wherever I go, love of devotees has no limit; so I think to live in Vrspur and remain in the bliss of Murti. If I can go I will go to nearby villages and I will have to go to Bhuj for darsan of Ṭhakorji. But now the age displays its role, so I do not like to take risk. You may move about in satsang on my behalf. I had moved about much and did whatever I could. Now I will remain as per Maharaj’s wishes. I did the seva of Sriji Maharaj to please Him and gave happiness of Murti to all because of love of such saints and devotees.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! When we were leaving you, you showed sadness. Second time when we went to Gujarat from Kutch, you said something in mysterious way and today you speak thus. What is your plan? You are asking us to move about in satsang on your behalf. These words confuse us very much.” Bapasri said, “Swami! We are constantly together, and will remain so. I am not such that I confuse you. I know how much capable you are. You are my partner in my happiness and unhappiness. Till today you behaved according to my wishes only and have never cared for happiness and unhappiness of your body. Your resolution is to please me and Sriji Maharaj. You do not want anything else. I am not unaware of this thing. You have come for my sake many times from far away places by crossing sea. I am not such that I forget all this.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! When we went to Gujarat from Kutch in the month of Aso, you had said something in mysterious way which had given us much pain. This time the pain of your mysterious statements was forgotten because of the pleasure you showed on various occasions like your darsan with enthusiasm, wonderful miraculous talks and installation of Murti and in many other incidents in Karachi. Now again you remind us of those mysterious words. Therefore, what else can we say? We only beg that never keep us separate.” At that time Bapasri in order to make them forget those words said, “Swami! Wait and see. We will organise a big yajna in Kutch and will invite whole satsang. Brahmayajna in the form of katha-varta will be done, saints and devotees will be fed; and by giving happiness of Murti, desire of all will be fulfilled. I dwell in Murti and never get separated from it. You have also been kept in the same way and all those having love will be kept in Murti. Till today this is only work I have done. Those who do not understand may think whatever they like and speak whatever they think fit. But I have to make jiva happy. Do not be worried for anything. The factor of age tells on my health so how can I come to such a long distance? You are capable of moving about at all places. You go from village to village and talk about bliss of Maharaj in satsang. Therefore, I tell you to make all happy in the happiness of Murti.” Then holding hand of Swami, Bapasri said, “Swami! I am telling you the truth.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji knew that Bapasri was going leave that day and he was told that talk. If others excepting three or four devotees knew about his go, they will become sad so he requested Bapasri to let them accompany him to Kutch. Bapasri said, “You have always been kept with me. Whenever I perform yajna you come, flying from any place wherever you are. At that time leave aside any kind of work. I will definitely perform yajna.” Then Bapasri told Lalubhai, Haribhai, etc. devotees who were sitting by him not to be left behind as Parvatbhai’s collegues could not take part in sattvik yajna. “When you get invitation all of you having love reach at the place of yajna.” At that time Lalubhai, Haribhai, etc. prayed to Swami Isvarcharanadasji and asked why Bapasri talked so. “You must be knowing what he has decided.” Swami said, “Bapasri uttered the same words when they were going from Kutch to Gujarat; and today also he says the same. So it cannot be understood what Bapasri has decided. On the other hand he said that he would perform a big yajna and the whole satsang would be invited and asked them to come there hurriedly. By such words his wish is not understood.” Lalubhai asked Swami, “What had Bapasri said when you were going to Gujarat from Kutch?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “We stayed in Kutch for two months and when we asked permission for leaving Bapasri, all saints performed puja of Bapasri with sandalwood paste and flower. Bapasri also did the same and garlanded all saints. Then putting his hand on the head of all, told them to remember the puja with sandalwood paste and flower. Then he said that whosoever remembered this puja and this assembly will be free from disturbing thoughts. Then he told me that we all were of one group and should always remain together, but our group should never be dispersed. He further said if they wish they could stay for four days or ten days; and if not, they could go that day or the next day but all remain in Murti. We are not separate. We are together engrossed in Murti. So never keep tendency either in authority or in worldly affairs. Remain always in Murti thus.” He was pleased. When Bapasri called them, they should come any how. Bapasri asked whether they were like plane or not and asked if they could come or not. Then Bapasri added what that poor plane was. They were such that they could reach anywhere. Then Bapasri said to saints if they stayed, it would be his pleasure; otherwise asked them to always remain in Murti.” Bapasri said, “Murti is divine, luminescent, cause, limitless and nobody can find its limit. Saying so Bapasri distributed prasad of sukhadi to saints and embraced them and showed much love. Then Bapasri met Swami twice or thrice and said to him “Swami! How long can we meet like this? All of you saints are very dear to me as my life.” Saying so, tears trickled down from eyes of Bapasri. Hearts of saints and devotees were also filled with emotions. Then Bapasri told me, “Swami! It is getting late so please sit in the cart.” He ordered thus. So, nobody could speak and did not know what to do. Then again Bapasri said, “Saints! You all are leaving me.” While separating thus Bapasri became gloomy; so nobody liked to go from there.” At that time I said, “Bapa! If you wish I can turn back. I do not like to go from here.” Bapasri said, “I did not want you to go during this visit, but it is alright now. It looks good if all of you go together. It is not good to separate you. But whenever I call you, come soon.” Because of such words, I did not wish to go at all, but what to do when order was given? Then I advised Bapasri’s grandsons, saints and devotees having understanding of greatness, to do seva of Bapasri by mind, deed and words. Infinite jivas easily reach Murti by the grace of this divine Murti. You are very lucky at this time. No means is greater than recognising such mukta. Seva of Maharaj is automatically done by doing seva of Bapasri. Therefore, do as much seva as you can. Advising thus, we had gone to Gujarat but those mysterious words could not be forgotten.” This time Bapasri stayed here for fifteen days and showed much favour by giving talks of knowledge; and as a result divine feeling prevailed everywhere. But by such words of mystery once again all became gloomy and Lalubhai, Haribhai, etc. were perplexed. Swami Isvarcharanadasji consoled them and asked them not to tell this to other devotees and make them sad. Bapasri is very capable and very merciful so we should remain pleased by seeing that how he becomes pleased. If such words spoken by Bapasri to me are known by saints and devotees, all will become sad; and joy of happiness of Murti taken for fifteen days will be lost. So keep it in mind and do not disclose it to other devotees. Therefore, as per the order of Swamisri it was not disclosed to others. Then Bapasri came to the temple for darsan of Ṭhakorji. At that time the attendant of Ṭhakorji garlanded Bapasri with a garland of roses. Bapasri said, “You are attendant of God and your efforts are solid.” Saying so Bapasri showed his pleasure on him and came to assembly. || 108 ||