Samvat 1978, Bapashri invited chiefs of kanbi community and said to them, “I have come to liberate Jivas but I belong to neither your community nor I am your relative. I am Mukta incarnation of Lord Swaminarayan. I have to perform yagna for salvation of Jivas, and those who dine in it will be liberated. So, those who want salvation say yes to join in this yagna for dinner and those who do not want salvation say no for joining. For joining yagna, you will have to leave him, who has been driven out of satsang because of violating vartman and also to leave him who takes his side.” All agreed and said that would come for dinner and serve according to your instructions. Then it was decided to arrange Satsangijivan Parayan (discourse) on the day of Chaitra Vad 12th. Swami Ishwarcharandasji has gone to Zaria. Bapashri sent him a telegram on the day of Ramnavmi informing him that he was performing yagna and to come soon. Another telegram was sent to Amarshibhai by Mistry Govabhai of Kumbharia informing him that Bapashri wants Swami Ishwarcharandasji, so send him immediately. Swami Ishwarcharandasji came to Amdavad and from there he came to Kutch. There Bapashri performed a big yagna in which saints, brahmcharis, devotees came in thousands. The Parayan began on Chaitra Vad 12th and come to end on Vaishakh Sud 3rd and Idol of Hanumanji was installed at chhatri. At that time, Swami Ishwarcharandasji requested Bapashri to give a boon. Bapashri gave the boon by saying that this Idol of Hanumanji will fulfill all wishes as fulfill by Hanumanji of Sarangpur and those who come for darshan at this place will be taken to Akshardham by Bapashri. On the day of Vaishakh Sud 4th, many saints and devotee went back to their respective places. All of them were given prasad of ‘sukhadi‘ (a sweet preparation of wheat flour) and said that whosoever ate that prasad will be taken to Akshardham by him. All our activities are beneficial. All were made joyous by such talk. || 212 ||