In the morning of Fagana Vad 7th, Bapasri after finishing his daily routine looked at Lalubhai and said to saints, “This is my trustworthy. Whatever I say he concurs with me. In my words, he does not apply thought or reasoning. Maharaj is bewitched by such trustworthy person. On this occasion such saints have also come who can put you directly in Murti. Do not they Lalubhai?” Lalubhai said it is so Bapa! They are such saint as you called them. Then Bapasri said, “This Sadguru, this Purani, and these saints are ready to please Maharaj day and night. They give assurance of safety to many jivas and put them in the happiness of Murti, perform daily new brahmayajna, showers rain of nectar, and accomplish many people. If you have divine feeling for them anything can be achieved. Ultimate liberation is easy because of the grace of such saints. Maharaj says, “The talk of saints like you observing dharma and niyam (rules, norms and commands) is different- these saints are such.” But egoistic jiva cannot understand such talk. The one, who has done satsang to please Sriji Maharaj, can recognise such great saints and such Anadis as they are. This is a great achievement- if one ponders over it he can know. There are no such renunciatory saints who have renounced wealth and woman, in any cosmos. Therefore, all should be understood as divine, so that guilt is not committed against any. One should contemplate on good talk, but not on weak talk. In the shade of Anadi, thoughts will stop coming. If one does not have such understanding of greatness for them, he would even quarrel with Ṭhakorji and while advising someone if he thinks himself to be virtuous and will forget Maharaj. Whatever happens by keeping Sriji Maharaj with us, will be all right. As soon as a person named Matarodhadhal reached the outskirts of Parvatbhai’s village sattvaguna was felt in his conscience.

Dhanjibhai of Narayanapur asked Bapasri, “Bapa! What is the meaning of feeling of sattvaguna prevailing in Matara Dhadhal?” Bapasri said, “The father of Matara Dhadhal was killed in violent fight. Then people used to taunt and say that he was boasting but was unable to take revenge of his father’s death. He became very sad because of taunting of people. But whenever he went to darsan of Maharaj, Maharaj would talk knowing what was going on inside him, so, his thoughts would subside. Once again when he returned home his friends who were brave used to instigate him by telling him that he was keeping big moustache but what is the use of his life. Your father has been killed by an outlaw and it would have been better that you had been killed with your father, then we would not have grudge. Now you die or kill the killer of your father. We are ashamed of you, but you are shameless. How do you like to eat? If you are really brave, die and become martyr or take credit by living. We are very much ashamed. When he was told these words, he would be ready to take revenge. Once he decided to go along with his friends to take revenge. Now he thought either to die or to kill but before dying, go to Gadhada to have darsan of Maharaj so that there is no worry. Thinking thus, he went to Gadhpur, had darsan of Maharaj and prostrated before Maharaj. Maharaj told Matara Dhadhal as if He knew nothing. This time you came for darsan with group (sangha). Then he talked in detail about his plan. Sriji Maharaj looked at his anger and told him to go; but before going, he was ordered to go village Agatrai where His great mukta Parvatbhai was there. If he went after his darsan he would win and if went without his darsan he would face defeat. Hearing thus Matara Dhadhal became happy inwardly and thought that by having darsan of Parvatbhai, he had two benefits (1) Darsan of great mukta (2) and father’s death will be avenged. Thinking thus, he went with his friends and on the morning of fourth day reached village Agatrai early morning in darkness. They all landed outside the village. Matara Dhadhal said to his friends that for the last three days they were living on the food taken for journey; so today would cook food and dine. Then Matara Dhadhal said he would go in the village to find out Parvatbhai’s house, would meet him and come back with ration- saying so he left. On the way at the outskirts of the village, Parvatbhai met him. He had a pot in his hand, had worn dhoti, half of it was worn and other half was covering his body- he was going for the natural call. Matara Dhadhal asked him the address of Parvatbhai. Parvatbhai told him that he himself was the person he was looking for and asked him why he was looking for him. Immediately Matara Dhadhal met him and prostrated before him and told him that he would wait for him till he came back, as he wanted to talk with him. When Parvatbhai came back, both of them went to his house. Parvatbhai took his bath and performed puja, till then he sat and waited. Then he told everything about his plan, and told him that he had been asked by Maharaj to have your darsan before implementing the plan. Parvatbhai always knew the wish of Maharaj. So, it was not the secret for him why Maharaj had sent Matara Dhadhal to him, so he told him that he had done well. It is natural for true son to take the revenge for the murder of his father but taking revenge only for father is not called having taken revenge- this jiva has taken births of eighty four lacs kinds and it had many fathers. During those births, some would have died natural death and some had met death unnaturally. If all these deaths are avenged it is called having taken revenge. Then he started talking about Maharaj’s divinity, glory and His commands, so, the sprout of taking revenge was burnt. He took so much time with Parvatbhai so his friends who had come with him came to Parvatbhai’s house after making inquiries about his house. There they scolded Matara Dhadhal and said that they waited for him remaining hungry and he was sitting there. What hell do you mean? Then he fed them and said that he did not want to take revenge of his father’s death. Then he persuaded them and told them to go back. Then his friends called him a coward and scolded him for falling back on his words, and further added that how they would be able to face the people of village. Thus, many words of insult and instigation were thrown on him but due to Parvatbhai’s darsan, association and grace, the biting pain in his conscience resulting in sadness got rid of. Then his friends went away using abusive language with anger. Then Matara Dhadhal stayed for two months and associated with Parvatbhai, became very pleased and he understood the meaning which was said by Maharaj that after having darsan of Parvatbhai he would win. Then he went to Gadhpur and have darsan of Maharaj. Maharaj welcomed him and asked him if he had taken the revenge of his father’s death. Then Matara Dhadhal talked about Parvatbhai’s power and greatness, so Maharaj was pleased and expressed how His weapon was. Parvatbhai was His anadi mukta and he was His weapon. Thus, much can be done in association with muktas. Once, Dharma Dhurandhar Acharyasri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj was sleeping under a guava tree. There guava fell which was offered to Ṭhakorji after making in pieces and a piece of it was given to a devotee. By eating that prasadi, the devotee had divine supernatural feeling. Then the devotee said that he was God. Then saint said that he was Acharyaji Maharaj. Thus, either darsan of muktas and eating prasadi given by them brings such divine feeling. Just as the water cannot affect the lotus flower, similarly worldly affairs do not affect great people. Example of Bhoja Bhakta was given to elaborate the point. Then Bapasri said if the conscience is impure, ghost will harass but if Swaminarayana is installed nobody can harass. This body of five elements is Brahmaraksas. It asks for one thing or other-will asks for chilly, jaggery, coriander-cumin– it will ask for such taste but it should not be kept idle. If it is got attached to God it will do everything. Therefore, that ghost should be tamed. This time in satsang there is opportunity and there is such saint who makes us understand but jiva does not recognise muktas and shows its importance. So, no work can be done. Therefore, remain as a servant. Maharaj says that it is easy to deal with the dead but difficult to deal with alive. Just as someone is affected by ghost and moreover he takes oath and does witchery- what can be done with him. Instead, it is better to free a passionate person from misery by only a sankalpa. Just as the controller of an elephant controls an elephant, similarly the ghost in the form of this body should be controlled. If anyone stands with loaded pistol, he can face fifty men and if they had come to play mischief or harm, they would run away. Therefore, the pistol should be loaded with real bullets. Do not stand with empty pistol. If there is illness and if he beats his head with iron ball, will the pain be relieved? Not at all. Therefore, do not use counter-acting remedy. Remain happy under the shelter of Maharaj and muktas but do not thrust your leg in misery intentionally. There is such opportunity still jiva is very unhappy. Some say that they have no one– what should be done of it. Just as thread is continuous in rosary, similarly keep Murti as main in honour, dishonour, awaken state (jagrt), dream state (swapna). How difficult vartamans of great saint were? Keep such resolution. If the calf walks jumping, it will break leg. Therefore, do not use trick in obeying Maharaj’s commands. Great muktas perform activities of the world but preserve Murti and give the happiness of Murti to others but jiva is sick so it does not understand. In sickness sweet balls (ladus) would taste like poison but bhajiya, fafda and vada (fried tasty articles of food) are liked. But one who is healthy would like to eat malpuva, ladu, siro, etc. (sweet food) and would even be able to lift stone weighing a quintal. The unhealthy person cannot eat siro will not be convenient. Similarly, the talks of divine perspective are not liked by the one who has not understood the greatness of Maharaj and muktas. Scriptures are like the sea, just as jumping into sea with rope in hand. Therefore, do not give up rope in the form of Murti. || 57 ||