On the day of Kartak Vad 5th, the 71st Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said when Sriji Maharaj comes in the form of Murti for the welfare of jiva He comes along with His Aksardham, and His attendants who are like chaitanya Murti and all His divinity. Purani Kesavpriyadasji asked, “Bapa! In this Vachanamrt it is said that Maharaj and muktas come and along with them there is the name of Aksardham. By such words, some understand that Aksardham means Aksar and Maharaj means Purusottam and chaitanya Murti parsads means muktas, Maharaj comes along with them- why do they understand thus? Bapasri said, “Varuna and water will not get separated, fire and light will not remain separate and the same is about the sun and the light. Similarly, Murti is luminous, so how can it be said that Maharaj and luminescence are separate? Maharaj is the cause of luminescence, that luminescence is to be shown or not is His choice. If one comes to know about the greatness of Sriji Maharaj as it is, will not say so, because great muktas have written that Maharaj is supreme, cause of all, support of all, everything has been explained. If one has to understand His greatness in such a way, He will not consider greatness of anyone including Aksar, etc. who are Murti itself as per the 4th species because when his sight is on Murti he will become restless on account of happiness of Aksar and happiness of soul and as a result he cannot live without Murti. Such has been said much by Anadi Mukta Sadguru Gopalanand Swami but it can only be known if one thinks about it. What is the value of greatness of Aksar, etc. before Murti? Just as there is difference between the king and servant between the sun and butterfly and between the moon and star – such is the difference. Sriji Maharaj is the giver of light and controller of all including Aksar, etc. Some say that Aksar is the support of Maharaj-how can such know the greatness of Sriji Maharaj? ‘Je Hari Aksar Brahma adhar par koi nav lahe’ (Sri Hari is the support of Aksar Brahma, no one else is beyond Him). On the contrary He (Maharaj) is the support of Aksar and infinite cosmoses. When Maharaj rides the horse, it seems that the horse runs taking Maharaj on its back but He is the support of all. Therefore, those who say that Aksar is the support of Maharaj has not understood the greatness of Maharaj. Sriji Maharaj is the support of Aksar, etc. in all. ‘Aksarna chho atma re anant bhuvanna Ish’ (Maharaj is the soul of Aksar and God of infinite abode). Thus Sriji Maharaj is the controller, supporter, cause and donor of light to all. Aksar, etc. are all luminous because of His luminescence and He is immanent (anvaya) in all with His divine power but He Himself dwells independent in Aksardham which is the form of His own luminescence. Muktas who achieved that Murti dwell constantly in Murti as the enjoyer of bliss of Murti. Devotees of MulPurusa and Aksar, etc. are dependent whereas, Sriji Maharaj’s muktas are independent. They are happy in the happiness of that causal Murti. No happiness can be compared with happiness of Lord Sri Hari Sahajanand Swami Purusottam’s Murti which is support of infinite cosmoses, supreme, causal Murti. Therefore, one should remain immersed in the bliss of Murti by making firm unwavering decision and by affection with love oriented devotion. But one should not come under the influence of greatness and happiness of Aksar, etc. because Aksar looks at MahaPurusa at the time of creation and then that MahaPurusa becomes capable to inspire maya. Therefore, that happiness has more importance for PradhanPurusa, Prakrti-Purusa, etc. One who has realised Sriji Maharaj Himself and when he thinks about the happiness of that Murti, the happiness of Aksar becomes insignificant for him. Murti is unparallel. To achieve that Murti any incarnation, etc. are not capable excepting Anadi Maha Mukta. Abodes of incarnations are different, whereas Maha Muktas have direct relationship with Sriji Maharaj. Aksar, MulPurusa, etc. are illuminated by Maharaj by His omniscient power but others do not know it. Just as some throws barchhi (spear-like weapon) or an arrow his power will go in barchhi or an arrow, but it will not be equal to what is in hand, little only will go. Similarly, that power is like it and His (Maharaj’s) power is limitless. Maharaj has said that He is holding kshar, Aksar by His power. Muktas also explained thus, but without understanding one say that Aksar is the support of Maharaj-how can he know the greatness of Sriji Maharaj and also of great muktas! Know that we are always in Murti. Sriji Maharaj and great muktas are capable to know about the worthiness of jiva because everything is within their knowledge. With a view to persuading jiva by and by, initially Maharaj revealed Himself in the form of Satpurusa, then in the form of incarnation and then as giver of incarnation- same was the case with muktas. They were called as Narad, Suk, Sanak, Vyasa, etc. Some were called as Dattatreya, Kapilji, etc. Some were called as incarnation. Then simile of Aksar was given. Then informing that realised muktas dwelling in front of Murti enjoy bliss of entire Murti in toto, they were called as ekantik, param ekantik mukta. He also explained that Anadis remain engrossed only in Murti. As and when jiva began to understand, Maharaj and great Anadi muktas went on explaining .Some question that whatever I say is true, whereas whatever great persons wrote is not true. Such person did not have the knowledge about such talks- great muktas have explained slowly in the manner in which it can be digested and also have written as it is. ‘Ek harijan Parvatbhai acharajkari chhe; sada rahe Murti manhi acharajkari chhe’ and ‘ek ek muniman anek muninan vrund rahya chhe’ (one devotee named Parvatbhai is miraculous, always dwells in Murti-he is miraculous and in every Muni there are groups of Munis) it has been written thus. ‘Jal tarang nahi bhed jada tem tej agni nahi bhinna tada; em Hariharijan ek sada’ ‘rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang’ (Just as water and waves are not separate, fire and brightness are not separate, similarly Hari and harijan, God and a devotees are always one, engrossed in Murti and have oneness). Thus unity of Maharaj and Anadi is shown by such examples. Even then there is always a form, the Master-servant relationship, donor–enjoyer, which is never abandoned. Therefore, we could always remain happy knowing that causal Murti is supreme. Maharaj is second to none. The proportion in which one understands greatness of Maharaj he becomes joyful in that much proportion and will achieve his goal.” || 121 ||