Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Religion is at the door of Swaminarayana. At other places, there are broken earthen vessels. If one has need, there are many muktas in satsang– get attached to them and be fulfilled. If dust of this assembly is put by the sinner on his head with the understanding of the importance of the dust, and even if he is sinner, he will become free from sin and if he is ghost, he will be free from that birth as ghost. The birth as ghost is got because of passion and by becoming guilty of muktas. Goblin means having passion, and it has shame, and ghost means having committed more sins, and he who betrayed great muktas. He who has betrayed devotees will become ghost and it is shameless. Moreover, its food is dirty- means prohibited food. So, he becomes dirtier day by day. Some become such miserable because they are thoughtless. Therefore, if you want to advise someone, advise in pure sattvaguna but not in tamoguna. Just as, parents punish their children but remaining soft inwardly. Then they please the children by giving them eatable of their liking- do it thus. If one tries to cool someone but he himself is with agony and may be the cause of becoming guilty- do not do thus. Sattvaguna brings goodwill. If even a little is said with pure sattvaguna, it has more effect. Polluted Sattvaguna is the attribute of maya. If one meditate in that attribute or does rosary, there will be shock from inside and then he starts quarrelling, becomes angry, so achieve pure Sattvaguna. Polluted Sattvaguna seems to be quiet but all the three attributes are the same brothers. If you eat ripe fruit of a neem tree without crushing it, the taste of it will be bit good but if you crush it, it will become bitter like poison. Similarly, we should do satsang frankly remaining apart from three attributes. Great muktas will be pleased if we behave frankly and straight forwardly in front of great muktas.

Then Bapasri said, “Once I was going to Jetalpur. There some children came running at the outskirts of Aslali. They began to wallow on the ground. I was very much pleased to see it and got down from the sigram (a comfortable, covered vehicle drawn by bullocks or horses). They were very much pleased having darsan. Those whosoever come in contact with muktas are lucky because they get a chance to achieve their goal. Maharaj says that He is not concerned whether the devotees are worthy or not. We have come to give them assurance of safety to infinite jivas. If the wind, which has touched Me and My muktas, touches anyone will be beneficial to him. Many means have been described for liberation but there is no any other great talk other than that of greatness and divine feeling- the devotee of God should understand thus. If it is not understood thus, Maharaj will not be pleased. This time Maharaj has shown His unlimited pity on jivas.” || 62 ||