On the day of Bhadarva Vad 9th, the 7th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that in the Golok abode of Shriji Maharaj there is Brahmjyoti. It is above Aksharbrahm. On this point saints discussed among themselves. Some of them said that Aksharbrahm is above Golok whereas some said that Golok was above Aksharbrahm. Then Bapashri said, “Do not make any controversy on any topic. In controversy Tam attribute is there. If some one’s argument is accepted, he will be proud of it. Therefore do not tread on that path. During discussion and questionnaire, the feelings of Raj-Tam attributes should not be brought. Then there is much benefit in the association of Muktas. The bliss of Maharaj is neither hot nor cold, but it is as cool and peaceful like a breeze. This bliss comes to only him who is above Raj-Tam attributes. Therefore do not allow those attributes. Because there is illusion (maya) in it, and it makes us fall from the path of salvation. If one puts his argument with force, Maharaj and Muktas will not be pleased on him. In controversy, there will be Tam attribute and all arguments will be in vain and Maharaj will be forgotten -such will be a loss- and such controversy will be useless. Therefore if you want to become saint you should become like Maharaj and Muktas. Then only you are known to be a saint. We have met lord Purushottam and if His relationship is maintained you will become form of Purushottam and if find fault and Jiva will be destroyed. For example just as if a wood is dropped in fire it will become fire and if it gets separated from fire, it will become ash. This talk is for the seeker of salvation. Some of the words of Vachanamrut have been spoken by Shriji Maharaj himself in the form of God and some words have been spoken in the form of Anadi Muktas and some words in the form of seekers. Shriji Maharaj has made the words of Vachanamrut conveying double meaning- this meant for those who have two kinds of understanding. Narnarayan and Purushottam are explained as one- this has double meaning. The middle cadre should be nullified after knowing it once and one should get attached to Murti by becoming the form of luminescence of Shriji Maharaj or form of Anadi Mukta. During your controversy it was true what Ishwarbava said. Shriji Maharaj has called His Golok in the form of rays of luminescence and there is Brahmjyoti in it, above personified Aksharbrahm. Shriji Maharaj along with His Param Ekantik Mukts dwell in it and those Anadi Muktas dwell in Murti-this is true. After this talk, he asked a devotee where he was going to live after leaving this worldly body. That devotee replied that he was going to live in Akshardham where he would be. Then I said that mine is no sure, I go wherever Maharaj sends me. Thereafter that devotee said nothing. Then I said that you could not reply as Swami Ishwarcharandasji had. I asked him, where he was going to live after leaving physical body. He said that he was going to live where Bapashri would be. Then I said that I would go wherever Maharaj would send me. Then he said you are always seen in Maharaj’s Murti and dwelling in Murti he would appear where he would like to. But you have to go nowhere leaving Maharaj. Then that devotee said that, how could I know that?” Therefore the spiritual talk cannot be understood without getting attached to Mukta. It cannot be understood with own intelligence. || 109 ||